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Musings for 4/6/2016

I have wanted to write for days, but I’ve been doing the I Love You’s on FaceBook and then find I have little more to say. I know many who at this time have not been able to say much of substance, or interact, due to the intense energies from the month of March that are still in play now. It may be TMI, but I have found myself rather stopped up, both physically and metaphorically. Thankfully I have been able to do the I Love You’s on most days because that is more important now than ever. Many people are hanging on by a thread, but still have even a faint spark of light within them. Knowing they are Love(d) activates that spark and may be the difference between a dark path versus a lighted one. Although I dislike the religious connotations of this word, the word salvation comes to mind.

On that note, do you understand that salvation is a choice and not something to come to by bullying, ostracizing, or by fearing? That’s right, and so is redemption. All of these things that were given as teachings long ago have been misunderstood or perverted over the centuries. The answer to all of these things is simply Love. It is something that really cannot be taught or even described with words, yet, that’s all we have in this vibrational plane, and so we use words to describe concepts that are way beyond our mundane comprehension. And then our buddy tries to tell his buddy, and then the concepts get skewed. The Beatles had it right about All You Need Is Love. That really is all you need. Everything else falls into place when you are able to feel, then give and receive unconditional love.

Jesus has given us this example, as well, and I take the time to mention it because there is so much unkindness and not-love in his name. He was the embodiment of the Christ on this earth, the last one in the past 2000 years, and did his best to teach us in terms we could understand while he was here. In John 13:15 (King James version) he states “For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you.” In other verses he admonishes us to be like a child. How do you think children are? Until they are taught differently, they are loving and kind. So I admonish all of you in different terms here. If you are spiritual and “new age” (sorry, hate that term but English and all), then start walking your talk. If you consider yourself a Christian, stop judging and be more Christ-Like. I do not know what Muslim say in kind, nor Buddhists, nor others and I’m not taking the time to look it up, but I guarantee you that every philosophy and religion out there says something similar. Self-righteousness is nothing but an inflamed ego, and your neighbors may not know what is in your heart, but your god, or the universe, they know. You cannot hide from that!

Well I didn’t begin writing today to admonish folks but there it is. I hold myself to the same standards, and I try to have presence of mind to apologize and make amends when I don’t meet them. If you bring something to my attention that “I did,” then I examine it to see where I can do better. It’s called being a decent person, and yeah it’s not always fun but it is rewarding.

So anyhow, I heard a term last week that I had not heard in ages – System Buster. That’s an old new age term for someone who incarnated here to, well, bust up the system. Someone who doesn’t go along with the status quo. Stirs the pot. So and and so forth. I used to do my system busting in a big way by stirring pots of shit and watching them explode. I’m still good at that and that method is sometimes appropriate but I realized that my latest system busting activities have been effected through Love. I feel good about that and am glad to be of service. I honestly don’t go around thinking of system busting but when I’m activated I normally don’t stop until I’ve pushed said button or whatever. And then when I’m done, I know I’m done and I may literally bow out of a conversation with nothing else said.

I really have no idea why I am telling you that readers, but it has been on my mind for days so there it is.

And on that note, I feel obligated to say that ideas that I have been used to for decades are now out into the mainstream, and so are experiences that some may consider mystical. So if you get distraught, or confused, or are just curious, ask me and I’ll do my best to help you understand what you are experiencing or going through. It’s time for us light workers to really put ourselves out there and not just with lip service. I’m here to help. That’s why I’m in a physical body right now on this planet, so don’t feel bad about asking. What may be outlandish to you may be old hat to me and you may feel relieved that you aren’t nuts. LOL! Well, maybe you are nuts, but not about “insert here” subject.

No idea why I told you that either, but there it is. This has already been one weird week and today is no exception. So with that I will leave you, for now. Namaste, Nutsmaste, blessings, #missingerin and #lovingerin <3

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