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Musings for 3/8/2016

letting_go_by_bandico-d5s1eyhStill letting go! LOL So much so that I decided to look up whether or not letting go has anything to do with this upcoming (tomorrow) eclipse and yes, it sure does! I found several articles on Google referencing March 2016 astrology, the eclipse, and letting go. Apparently it has something to do with pressing us to continually look at old patterns of behavior (and old energies in our lives) and let go, let go, let go as one site said. Very interesting!

This site even has the headline Massive Growth Through Embracing Change. Wow. And darn, because now I feel the need to read those articles and more to better understand.

Really though, I am getting it quite well. I listened to my Self and kicking and screaming, I got rid of those shoes. I cried over them all day yesterday, put them in a box, and took them today to be mailed to Nike for Reuse-a-Shoe where they grind them down to use in playgrounds. In fact, I drove the 5 miles to the Mail Pro store, realized I had forgotten my wallet, came back for it and still went to mail them. I almost didn’t, but I knew it was important. I felt sadness looking at them for the last time, their little shoe laces still tied, but alas I gave them to the Mail Pro lady and left. Goodbye shoes, goodbye old familiar friend who no longer resonates with my energy field anymore. I love you.

I know, I’m a kook but that is how I feel. Sometimes it sucks being so honest about it but at least I can face what’s going on with me, and thus eventually let it go. Seems important.

In layman’s terms, the point is that if you do not let go of what no longer serves you, you won’t have room for anything new in your life (metaphorically speaking). If you can’t embrace change, you won’t move forward and grow. And hey, not once did I ever say you have to like it! But it helps if you can put it into perspective and honor it for what it is. We all need a kick in the ass sometimes to get going, just like I needed those ants that day (I still have a sore where they bit me).

Here is my Google search – I highly recommend all of these articles just from reading the first few lines. I hope you enjoy them and that they serve you well.

So now let’s get to the metaphysical stuff. I am finding that at least this eclipse, I had to let go of that one big thing (the shoes, may you rest in peace shoes) that would have held me back after this growth period is over. Shoes are about how you are moving forward, and the shape of them (wear and tear) is metaphoric for the vehicle you use to move forward. Think about it – you wouldn’t get far with worn out shoes that hurt your feet or don’t protect against the elements. Anyway, very symbolic and for me, these shoes are an emotional attachment to a time that was horrible but also to a world that still had Erin in it. But that was the old Erin. Now we have the new Erin, wherever she is right now, and we also have new shoes. The old ones had to go.

That was my personal journey with letting go, you will certainly have your own. Yeah, there are other things I’m dumping but that was the significant one. I had to take the leap. It’s done. I feel good about it. I’m still breaking the new shoes in both metaphorically and physically, and may still get another pair. But all is as it should be.

We live in a time of great wonder. Look a little deeper and pay attention to what is around you and you will see it, I promise.

Namaste, Nutmaste, #lovingerin and #missingerin <3

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    • MTZ on March 22, 2016 at 5:55 pm
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    I am sorry and so is she but we live in an age of miracles and who know what is possible if
    you are open to it …..Sky tonight should be amazing Jupiter very visible close to the Moon. Telepathy alive and real the Wingmakers for Humanity communicate this way…..Higher Self to Higher Self….”Erin” wants to with you who just needs to let go just a bit more of the physical to achieve.

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