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Musings for 2/23/2016

Often I talk about things like “multidimensional” and “3D” and things that maybe you don’t know what I am talking about. Or vibration, frequency, raising it, etc. So think about it this way…you see someone change from angry and afraid, to kind and giving and joyful. That’s a change in vibration. Everyone has one. For example, I became sad earlier, missing Erin, and it brought mine down from wherever it was (higher, more joyful). Lower vibes from your emotions or even other people will make you feel bad if you are on a higher frequency, and your higher vibration may make someone at a lower one feel irritated. It’s quite interesting really. Oh, yes, there is a point to all of this, just hang on.

So my higher self presence is coming through very strong today and wants me to talk about being 3D – what it looks like in other words. If you can’t recognize something, you sure can’t change it right? This is not to judge, or teach you to judge. It’s to help you recognize.

You might want to know “Why would I want to change?” Well, do you want to be kinder? More loving? More loved? More peaceful? Less fearful? Have an easier, flowing life? Or at least have less drama? Then maybe it’s time to assess where you are, and where you want to be.

First, let’s look at some examples of 3D concepts and ideas, straight from my brain.

  • I should be jealous if my mate talks to another woman.
  • I need and want more money. This money is mine, you can’t have it. You didn’t work for this money I did.
  • If you don’t do X, Y, and Z you don’t love me.
  • Animals don’t feel pain or have emotions. (If this is too far fetched for you, consider that this has been said about different skin colors of humans before, too)
  • Males and Females cannot be friends.
  • If someone doesn’t call me Ma’am or Sir, they are disrespecting me and that cannot stand.

These are all real examples, from my own experiences and my experiences around others. But how did me and my friends learn these things? Well, someone taught us this. Yes, they did. Perhaps well-meaning but they taught these things to you and I. Maybe it wasn’t even in childhood. Maybe one day your buddy says to you, “Man, your girl talking to the mailman is disrespecting you.” And then you believed him, and created this falsehood within your mind and then within your relationship. It’s amazing how we let ourselves be fooled by the mind.

So are you wondering yet how the mind is fooled? The mind, by itself, is fallible. It’s only half of the tools you need to get there. To truly know something, you also have to engage the heart. Yes, you have to feel it. Pretty cool huh?

Let’s go back to the discussion I had yesterday (technically this morning) about the chakras. Remember the 1st chakra is survival, the 4th is the heart, and the 7th is the crown. So Survival, Heart, and Mind. You actually use all of these for your actions and reactions (as well as the others, but let’s focus on these). And keep in mind, I would write a book on this, but am trying to cram it into a few paragraphs. Sorry it’s a blog post not an article!

Let’s say that you are faced with a situation, maybe the one where you are suddenly told that your girlfriend saying hello to the mailman is disrespecting you. When you hear that information, how do you feel? Are you afraid she is cheating? Jealous? Afraid of looking bad or stupid to your buddy? Do you have a need to control her actions? What’s going on here? If you answered yes to these, when you engaged the mind, the first chakra took over (i.e., your ego got going) and you felt a root Fear. The fear may have engulfed your heart, but the heart never had a hand in this decision. You made your decision, basically, from the lower chakras only and thus a lower vibration. Very 3D decision and attitude.

Same situation, but this time you are completely calm. You FEEL that there is nothing there, and you tell your friend “Nah man, that’s not what it is at all” and you go on with your business. You felt the response in the heart. You probably did check with your base chakra, but with no fear issue in play, your heart and your mind worked together (upper chakras) to resolve the issue.

Conversely, if you are asked to make a decision, think about it this way. If you feel excitement, that’s your heart telling you to follow your desire. If you feel fear, that’s your base chakra and mind telling you to follow the “safe course.” More often than not, the issue has nothing to do with survival and everything to do with the damaged ego keeping you from following your dreams and heart’s desire.

Maybe you’re considering sky diving and feel a mix of fear and excitement. Well, that’s normal don’t you think? So then you use your mind to ensure you have proper safety gear, etc. and you thus honor your base chakra by surviving this exciting adventure. At the same time the ego/inner child knows that their job is done and valued. You are a rather balanced individual.

Well, I have to say that I have no idea anymore where this is going, so I’m stopping here. There is probably one fine soul out there who needed to read this. If it’s you, please ask questions even if you do it privately! I’m a bridge – I help people bridge from one place to the next. So use me as such, as I am in service to you.

Namaste, Nutmaste, #missingerin and #lovingerin <3


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