Feb 16

Making Way for the Next Place

the-journeyI chose this title for today’s blog because of a book that my lovely neighbor, GL, gave us after Erin’s body died. It’s called The Next Place. I have only read it once, but it speaks of where you go after your body dies. Simply put, the next place. Because how do we really know where that is until we get there?

Today, I am applying this idea to our journey through this life. As of late, I have done a lot of inner work. You could call it soul searching, clearing, or any number of terms but the point is that I have again both removed layers of baggage and added layers of clarity. I am at the next place. It’s next after the previous place that I was on my journey.

However, I find that I am extremely uncomfortable here today. I have had more than a few conversations this morning already, and have noticed a stark difference in some cases between my perception and how others quantify and perceive things. Then I find that I feel alone, and wonder if those things that I Know and feel are just fantasy. And then, I think to myself “Geez, I’ve come so far and I still need validation. That stinks.”

I guess the good news is that the negative feelings didn’t make me sink so low as they would have before. Also, the need for validation wasn’t as strong as it was before. Still, it’s there, and I don’t like it. And that said, I do not want to go back to the place I was before. I have arrived in the next place, and I want to learn and then go to the next.

Maybe it’s because we are in HUman bodies, maybe it’s because we are weak and infirm, maybe it’s a lot of things. But show me one person incarnate on the planet who needs absolutely nothing from another HUman and I’ll be surprised. I bet that even the most advanced monk or guru finds themselves in need of validation on occasion. I bet they are advanced enough to be amused at the feeling and pursue it, though. Me, well, I just get stonewalled and wallow in it. I complain here to you, and to others in other places. I whine and sometimes cry. But really it’s just part of my journey inward, part of the revelation of myself, that will propel me to the next place.

Today I shared something on FaceBook that talked about being in service to others. It was a graphic with some inspiring words on it. One of the lines said to be a lamp for others, and while I’ve forgotten the rest and can no longer find it, that really speaks to me. While we really do not need validation (notwithstanding wanting it), sometimes we do need for someone’s light to shine and help us find our way. We do, and you may notice that every time it gets “dark” in your life, someone acts as that lamp for you. Yes it is divinely inspired. I have had several lamps help me along today and it’s only noon here. Those lamps light the way, so that when you are strong enough to move, you can go to the next place. I have taken several breaks in writing this blog today, and during that short time period, have already made it to the next place from the one I started the blog at since those kind souls lit the way for me. Cool isn’t it?

That must be all, because the flow is gone for now. See you along the road to the next place.

Namaste, Nutmaste, Blessings, and #missingerin <3



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