Nov 24

Blessings and the Kindness They Bring

I have had many amazing things “happen” “to me” in the last few weeks. I put those in quotes because, well, I don’t believe that anything just happens, and since I believe I am a co-creator of my reality, nothing happens to me but instead with my participation. Yes, subtleties of word meanings are important. How else do we properly convey ideas and feelings with our limited language? **smile**

I have a list of things to share, if I can remember, but perhaps the best blessing happened just yesterday. Yes, these are blessings, and they warm my heart.

I was listening to the middle portion of the Conversations with God Book III on Audible while driving back from Atlanta, GA. Really, more than anything, I was pondering the impact that some of the multidimensional concepts were having on me. I was expanding my understanding of reality, and of myself. As I was deep in thought about this and how much I was enjoying the book, driving through Chattanooga, TN, I looked over and saw this “company name” on a truck beside me…IAM. I have no idea what IAM does, how to pronounce it, blah blah blah. But as you know, creator is often referred to as the great I AM, and in metaphysics we often refer to our “I AM self.” Meaning, our spirit or larger self that is connected to the All That Is and to all things. Well, what more of a message could I get?

And I just realized that there is more to this, but there is no possible way that I can explain it here right now. So I will tell you about Prince I AM another day.

Also around this time, I stopped at some traffic light and checked FaceBook. I get bored quickly, need something to do while driving for sure (well, while stopped anyway). I had been crying, missing Erin and dealing with a lot of feelings that I had over being with my dying uncle. And there was a post on my timeline that said Thinking of You. It was from an old friend, who seems to always feel when I am down. It’s uncanny really, and amazing, and wonderful. And I am blessed by her kindness each time, and it always comes at a moment I need it most.

I was also blessed by being with my Uncle Joel. I hope that the posts, pictures, and links I shared captured the spirit of how much we want to celebrate his life before he is no longer here on this plane of existence with us. I have learned that all that we have with each other is time, and experiences. And he blessed me by allowing me to be with him and celebrate the things he loves with him. It was my pleasure, and my honor. He gave me much love and I hope that I returned it in kind.

I was blessed this past week to see my wonderful and amazing aunts Shirley and Ernie. They fill a place in my heart that my mother never did, and I am grateful for the love they give me. When I am with them, I am able to nurture the child inside of me that never had the childhood, and the mother/child relationship that every human yearns for. My Aunt Shirley also gave me my grandmother’s salt and pepper shakers after I remarked how those old style shakers really give you the right amount of salt and pepper! I had no idea whose they were. It was an unexpected and loving gift. I am blessed.

I was blessed to spend time with my cousin Kimberly, who I have not spent an abundance of time with over my life. I was able to hear stories that I do not remember, about a time when she spent a lot of time with me as a young child. I had no idea. I learned about her journey through life as well. And I am blessed by the time we spent together.

There is much going on in this world that is unkind, and very negative in nature. I, however, feel nothing but love in my heart for the downtrodden, the misguided, the mean and the hateful, and all of the labels that you can think of (insert here). I feel grateful for the love and kindness from the loving and kind, too. I feel like a mother who understand her children, and although she may not agree with them, she loves them anyway. And I am beaming this out to all of you, all the time, and right now. May you be blessed and I love you.

Namaste, and always #missingerin


    • LIsa on November 24, 2015 at 12:40 pm
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    Thank you for such an uplifting perk to my day. I am spending days and nights with my buddy in Hospice. She is such an amazing warrior, and I feel honored to walk this final journey with her. And your message today has put such a warm, content smile on my soul…
    Namaste my friend, and #missingerin.

    1. Aw, bless your heart and your friend’s too. (((HUGS))) You are giving and getting a gift that no words can describe Lisa. <3

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