Nov 17


It’s amazing how one word can bring you to your knees. Yesterday, I was talking to Puppy (yes, I do that all day each day), and was telling him there was plenty of something. I said it enunciated “Plen-ty” just like an ending sentence to an Elmo nursery rhyme that I had read to Erin countless times. It brought me directly to tears.

Most people cannot understand this. I have said countless times, I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand a lot of things. I could see and feel that someone was distressed, but I did not understand it. Maybe I did not have to understand it? I don’t know, I think that yes, I do need to understand. It’s simply putting myself in someone else’s shoes and sometimes even feeling their pain. How else can we be at one with the All? If we distance ourselves so much that we don’t get it, we are not one.

When I began writing this today, I had no idea that I was going to be writing about the refugees, etc. etc. I had said my peace yesterday, and let’s face it, I can never in a million years force you to feel or think something that you don’t want to. You have to come to every decision, every perspective change, every feeling on your own. When I write, I simply share my experiences with you and I ask you to open your mind to ideas. You don’t have to take them on as your own, but consider them. Yours is not the only point of view but neither is mine. Together, though, we can hopefully be well-rounded.

Simply put, I very much understand sacrificing everything for your loved ones. Maybe 5 years ago I would have quoted laws to you. I would have quoted the right thing(s) to do and the right way(s) to go about it. But once Erin became sick, and was dying, I would have broken every law and sacrificed myself and you too in order to save her. These people who have fled their homes to save their children, they are not being met with kindness but they persist for the same reasons.

I get it. I understand. And by seeing the pictures and footage, and reading their stories, I very much feel their pain. For me it’s personal, because it relates to my own. Perhaps for you it isn’t. Maybe it should be. They could become you at any minute of any day, because we live in an unpredictable world.

And while I don’t believe in Christianity, I do believe in the Christ Consciousness. So I ask you…what would Jesus do? Probably not what we as a people are doing. So then I ask you why? I can only give you opinions. You have to answer those questions for yourself.

I read about the Horn of Plenty yesterday, too. I don’t think it was a coincidence either, not after my “plenty” pronouncing experience. Apparently the horn is given by god, and will give you plenty more of what you are giving in return. So my dear souls, do we give more hate? Or more love? More kindness or more violence?

I continue to learn from these experiences and perspective changes. I have experienced more loss than some in my lifetime, and I have learned more from that then I would have had it not been so. In my world view, there is a reason that I chose to learn this now. To experience it. If I had to guess, it is so that I can truly become at one with the All That Is. That I can know others through knowing myself. And so much more that I don’t care to share right now. 🙂

My right eye is watering like nuts, and my toxic tears (they burn my eyes for about 6 months now) are killing me, so I’ll wrap it up now. I have something important I want to write about tomorrow and have been putting it off all week. Maybe I’ll just do two blog posts today.

Love, blessings, Namaste, and #missingerin

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