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Ascension Primer – Get Excited!

Yes, Ascension! If you can’t feel the change in the air these days then you aren’t alive. And I really mean that, because there is so much abuzz that no matter what your personal belief system, you have probably wondered lately when the world will end, or begin, depending on your point of view. (Psst…I think the world begins anew and I am so excited!)

You can Google all sorts of articles on Ascension. Hell, I’ve been reading about it for years. Before that I was only familiar with the Christian Rapture/Armageddon, and then I graduated into learning about other religious and cultural end-times prophecy. There are common threads that run through it all. If you are well-read, you may even “recognize” what one deems as a fixed concept as something entirely different (read: misinterpreted). And even if you don’t, you can spend a lifetime reading the published content on this subject.

What Is Ascension?

At the core, ascension means “to go up.” When we speak of it in metaphysical circles, we often speak of an increase in the vibration or frequency of both the body and the earth’s resonance. While this is sometimes metaphorical, it is also literal. Everyone’s body resonates at a specific frequency, and within a certain range for Humans as well. The planet also has its own frequency, and we call this the Schumann Resonance. When these rise or fall, it affects the electromagnetic energy that helps regulate our biology and has an effect on our health.

From a metaphysical perspective, the rise of the resonance of the earth will affect us by assisting in a change from a carbon based physical form, to a crystalline based physical form. It will assist us in ascending the dimensional ladder from the 3rd density to beyond. It will remove the veil between what we perceive in 3D physical reality to other realities. There are many writings, both religious and otherwise, from ancient times telling us about this phenomenon. In other words, it’s not something made up. The ancients left a record of the rise and fall of man for us to learn from.

Does all of this sound nebulous? Well, it is! To the best of my knowledge, no one alive on Earth right now remembers any previous ascensions, although surely at least some of us have gone through one. That is due to what some call the Veil of Forgetfulness. Another subject, but related in the sense that it will disappear.

How Do We Know it’s Happening Now?

I suppose that’s a matter of belief and faith. But there are things happening right now that tell me that Humanity is on the uptick. Really, some of it started years ago but the intensity or occurrences are rising. Some of those are…

Heart Chakras Opening Wide

Have you noticed more kindness lately? Or even more outrage that a person or other living being wasn’t treated with kindness? I have and that is fantastic news for us Humans! It means that we have learned how important it is. And hey guys, better late than never right? Right!

Every world religion and philosophy teaches love and compassion at the core, or every one I have learned about. Ok, sure there are a few organized hate groups and Satanists, but at the root of our world-wide teachings is overwhelming love. Then it gets convoluted with a whole bunch of BS that was added by well-meaning people (let’s hope) and blah blah. But the point is LOVE. And Compassion. Slightly different but still holds a vibration of love.

It is my belief that in the cosmic scheme of things, sometimes “bad” events happen in order to help the collective masses raise their vibration. One of those such events was 9/11. Regardless of how our governments reacted, the planet itself reacted with love. And that’s not just my opinion. There was a group who had monitoring stations already online at that time and they actually captured it in the Earth’s magnetic field. They are called the Global Coherence Initiative and they have a fascinating website. There is also an article on the phenomenon on the National Institute of Health’s website here. By the way, if you haven’t figured out yet why or how this is linked, the heart generates a huge magnetic field that extends several feet outside of the body. When you are experiencing intense love or even heart ache, it is measurable.

But on to today…have you noticed more of an outpouring for people who were treated unkindly? It has grown over the years. How about abused children? When I was a child my parents could beat me without repercussion but now, people are sensitive to that. Violence against women has finally been noticed. How about animals? Yes, they too are finally being recognized as living, feeling beings. And it’s taking off in earnest now. Just some notable cases are Bill Cosby and Cecil the Lion. I cannot come up with a notable child abuse case, and frankly I am glad I can’t because those really get to me personally. With Cecil, I know people got mega-pissed about that (which isn’t so loving), but sometimes when a population wakes up to what is going on anger results. Look at what a loving awareness it has brought about in the world. The ENTIRE WORLD is now thinking that hey, maybe just because we can kill doesn’t mean we should. And hey, those people doing the killing may not be the kind of people we want as our neighbors and friends. Here is a wonderful quote that I believe sums it all up, found here:

Dr. Walter Palmer has done something worthwhile after all.

His special combination of vanity, smugness, greed, arrogance and stupidity has taken something which happens all the time, usually out of sight and out of mind, and has elevated it to international recognition.

International recognition is the key concept here. Now it’s out in the mass psyche and nothing can stop the wave of love now. And why would we want to?

There is a darker side to this, for those who have “hard hearts” and don’t want to receive or give love. Many of those people end up having heart attacks. If they survive, they are given another chance to open their hearts. If they don’t, the next wave of energy on the planet may just do them in. Love and bless them. They know not what they do.

Some are Going a Little Nuts

Or, maybe a lot. Look at the increase in violence and even mass violence over the years. And severe depression, anxiety, and anything that causes people to act in a way uncharacteristic of themselves. It’s out there on the news every day. Some of it is a coping mechanism for what they don’t understand “is happening to them” and some people just snap. I could go on and on and cite a myriad of cases, but it’s depressing so let’s just remember what we’ve seen on the news. It’s enough.

Deaths / People Leaving the Planet

I admit, this one used to not bother me, but it’s a bit of a sore spot now. I always believed that some souls just decide it’s time to go, and that some had a predetermined exit point. I know that it was so for my daughter, but it hurts nonetheless. I’ll put that aside and try to remember the interesting part…

Of course there are individual deaths. Many of the people are are dying in the past 20 years specifically could not physically withstand the energy waves that have been hitting our planet. It rises in increments, probably beginning with the era of the 60’s, peaking again in 1987 with Harmonic Convergence, and then at intervals since then. It really ramped up in late 2012 (yes, the world did not end but we did have an awakening!). Others just have their own destinies to fulfill and of course, that is a unique and individual thing.

There are also mass death situations. Most of the time, metaphysically speaking, soul groups have agreed to participate in a mass death situation to bring about awareness of a situation in the hopes that the masses will respond with love and compassion, thus raising the vibration of the planet. 9/11 was one of those incidents and I’m sure you can come up with many more.  We still miss and grieve our loved ones, but seeing the value in their sacrifice can assist in opening our own hearts.

Physical Ailments, AKA Ascension Symptoms

There is so much written on ascension symptoms that I won’t spend too much time on it. Google that phrase and read for yourself. Ascension Symptoms refers to the phenomenon of aches, pains, and illnesses that are due to your body assimilating higher energies. They are typically not related to any medical condition, but many feel that illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and such are just results of a body’s reaction to the energies.

I can personally share that over the years since I have “woken up” I have experienced chronic fatigue (undiagnosed – what’s the point!), heart palpitations, aching joints, and most recently a lovely electrical shock on top of my wrist. Actually, I’ve lost track of the little things and no longer remember them. I know my body, and so rest assured that I am not ill in any way. I used to go to the doctor and got a big nothing, and I am no longer in fear of what comes up or out of my body.

BUT…If you are concerned that you actually have a physical illness you need to see a physician! I am not a doctor, nor are most of the people who write about their experiences!

But Why? You Ask…

I suspect, based on my intuition and research, there are several things converging at once. Either way, here are some of the interesting things that I have learned.

Wave X

If you’re sensitive to energy, you are probably feeling this. We are said to have entered the Photon Belt around the end of 2012, and now we are experiencing some gamma waves from something that Dr. Simon Atkins calls Wave X. I have to say, I can’t explain it but I “get” it. And I’ve felt it. He has a weekly radio show called the Skyaia Show, a YouTube channel, and has been interviewed on countless other internet sites. I’ve also been enjoying his tweets from @DrSimonAtkins. I should also note that he highly recommends the content at I haven’t read that one yet, but he mentions it nearly every time I listen to an interview with him.

Prophecy, Galactic Cycles, and More

Many things are prophesied for this time in our history. The thing about prophecy is that there are possibilities and probabilities. Choices can change the course of, well, the course of anything. Still, I believe that much of what is prophesied for this time period has to do with cycles of time. Perhaps our choices only change the intensity and not the event.

Many cultures and religions talk about cycles. One hot item on the web right now is the Jewish Shemittah and Jubilee cycle. Prior to 2012 the Mayan Calendar and cycles were widely talked about (by the way, a shift did happen! It was a shift in awareness). The Mayan Calendar appears to be based on the 26000 year galactic cycle, in which we make an orbit around the Galactic Center and go through all of the signs of the Zodiac. Now that is interesting isn’t it? They say that now, we are in a waiting period after having finished the orbit in late 2012. Maybe this is so that we can clean our acts up and get our business in order.

If you Google Ascension, or even Rapture, you will find many resources on this subject. I was guided to write the information that I did, but there are many different perspectives and different types of information. This is an exciting time to be on our planet! Enjoy the ride!



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