Jul 24

A Light in the Darkness

Today my Paradigm Shift newsletter, the Daily Blessing #99, had this quote at the top:

Life is short and we have never too much time for gladdening the hearts of those who are traveling the dark journey with us. Oh be swift to love, make haste to be kind.

– Henri Frederic Amiel
I have never heard of this quote or the person it is attributed to, but it certainly speaks to me. For so many reasons, life on this earth is certainly a dark journey. Some of the reasons seem to be lessons to learn for soul growth, clearing karma, earning ascension or heaven (depending on your beliefs), and many others. We suffer, we keep going because we have a promise of something better in the future. Some don’t keep going. They don’t see anything better in the darkness. But doesn’t there have to be?
Doesn’t have to be, but without that promise, we would all lose hope. And yet we are one of the most unkind species on the planet. Most animals treat others better than we do. I do see an influx of light lately though. More and more people are opting for kindness, for love versus hate, opening to new ideas and new ways of facing this thing that we call life…
Last night, I had an interesting dream. In one portion of it, there were tons of monkeys dressed in little red bell hop coats and hats. They were running like nuts, after me. But I was at this point looking at a screen and maneuvering myself with a joystick. It was really me, but so was the person on the outside. I have no idea yet what this was telling me, but it could be the 100th Monkey idea. It could also be showing me that my Soul, the “real” me, is maneuvering the Human Body me from a different perspective. I’m pretty sure that part is spot on, but I have no idea about the monkeys. That one may take some time to ponder!
I just read a quote that said something like, let your light shine brightly so that you can light the way for others in the darkness. I can tell you from experience, some days I can shine on, and other days I need your light to find my way. We are all in this together my friends, even some of you think we are not. At the very least, we are all stuck on this planet (for now), and without kind and loving cooperation we are all doomed. Yep – doomed. You can pick your nasty outcome and insert here.
So with that said, I love you all and wish you a kind, loving, and blessed day. If you start to feel stressed with the wave of new energies coming onto the planet, just take a deep breath and breathe out love in return. Your light will shine and others will see it.
Namaste and #missingerin <3

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    • Marianne Campbell on August 3, 2015 at 11:34 am
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    The enlightened person realizes that the sole is eternal and the body can be controlled by other bodies and can be controlled. The sole has a mission to seek enlightenment and full life’s purpose. The more you align your soul’s mission with your body and personality, the more enlightened you become. I think we both understand that part. Now, about the monkeys….your butt was uncovered. lol On another note, I used to be able to SEE light coming out of people. I always called them “shinny” people. I have always aspired to be shinny, but I can’t always hit the mark. My bet is that YOU are becoming shiny. You’ll know because people will gravitate to you, some of them wanting some of your light. Beware of energy zombies. You make them feel better and you feel worse. I hope that you call on me on days that you need light and I can call on you when I need light. YOU inspire me. Love you. You’re doing GOOD. I’m sure Erin is proud.

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