Jun 25

Back from Vacation and Full of Thoughts

So much to say! I just spent several days at the beach, and the days leading up to the trip were so busy I did not write much of anything. I did, however, process a lot. For those of you new to my terminology, I mean that I had a lot of stuff going on mentally and emotionally. It was productive and exciting.

I wish that I could adequately communicate to everyone who isn’t me, LOL, exactly what that stuff is/was. Let me just say that I believe in what most would call miracles and the amazing, and that I am slowly finding my way to my path. I’m not prepared to say “Hey thanks Erin for dying and helping me to experience grief,” but I am starting to understand some things that probably no one else can understand about what has occurred in my life. So I’ll just keep that under my hat, but tell you that it is the reason for the change in my energy.

I’m also working with an amazing group of people whom I have been calling my meditation group, as well as people I have worked with for ages already. If you ever read about group meditations for this or that (often world peace, or something), the energies of many put together can really change our reality. The idea behind meditation and/or prayer is the same – focused intent. In either case, one may call upon various others such as gods or angels or ascended masters, or they may not. The focus of their intent is like a huge wave of energy. My preference is to ask for the best possible outcome, and I rarely ask anything for myself. It would be absolutely selfish and ignorant of me to ask the Universe to help my team win a ballgame, or for me to pass a test, or anything for personal gain. I could certainly ask for a friendly energy to walk with me during an experience, but not for an outcome. I often ask for things for others or for the Earth as a whole, as long as it is in accordance with the divine plan and the best interest of all. We never truly know what that is, until after we are able to see the outcomes.

Unsure why I got off on that topic – I didn’t mean to.

So moving on, I can offer some clarity both for myself and anyone else who cares on my journey at this time. I have had some of the best advice, which I may have mentioned, about letting go of the old story. That is what I am doing – I am in my new story. I have been, I had just been holding on to the old story. I meditate more often now than ever, and the other day when I was reaching out to touch Erin’s spirit, we were talking about when we would meet again. She said, Mommy, I will be the same but different. I said, hmmm…I am the same but different too. She and I both have new stories that the old one set us up for, and regardless of how closely linked we were and remain now, we are like the Bionic Man in that we are new, better, etc. Whatever the show intro said! I happen to believe that anything is possible, and that it is no coincidence that shows like Resurrection and The Returned are now on TV. There – I said it. Call me crazy if you want to. Someone once said the Earth revolved around the Sun, and when he did, he was nearly killed for it. Let’s just be clear – ANYTHING is possible. It always has been.

On that note I want to throw this out there for those of us who like synchronicity. I had a lovely experience the day of the Solstice. I knew it hit our time zone at 11:39 am and guess what? I was sitting there waiting for my food and the waitress said what time is it? and I looked and it was exactly 11:39am. That was also the day that I got such a bad blister on the bottom of my foot that I woke up with it throbbing during the night and could hardly walk the next day. Shaun’s feet got blisters elsewhere. What is wrong with our feet?! It’s not like we have ever walked a long way, or worn shoes before. We both got blisters on our last trip too (to Nashville). I still have to figure the symbolism out on that one but it is worth noting.

And lastly, I have been using Erin’s laptop for the last several months. It works fine – great little notebook. Well, when I came back from our trip and plugged the power cord back in, the DC connector jack no longer works. It worked fine on Friday, and I didn’t use it over the weekend because I only used the battery. I can’t help but think the Solstice had something sneaky to do with that as well, and I have to look up the symbolism. Symbolism speaks to us every day! So make sure you are paying attention! It’s like getting a sign from God or whoever. What’s that about eyes to see and ears to hear? 🙂

I suppose that is all for now. When I lose my train of thought I know that I have written whatever it was that I needed to write. Have a fabulous day, Namaste, and #missingerin <3


    • Marianne Campbell on July 24, 2015 at 9:51 pm
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    I LOVE that everything you write about is everything I believe. I really admire you and your effort to find the meaning in this tragedy. i really worry about Shaun. I love my BFAM. I’m wanting to get together soon.

    1. Hey Marianne!

      I admit that I did start out trying to find meaning, but what I think has happened is that I am now much farther along my spiritual path than I ever have been. The change of perspective that “tragedy” gives you, if you are willing to receive it, is an enormous impetus for change. I haven’t had to consciously change…it has just happened. I look at everything differently now, and more importantly I treat myself and others differently. I just wish that we as humans could learn these insights without pain, but it doesn’t seem that any of us can. I do know that if I had not already viewed incarnation here as an opportunity for soul growth, and believed in lessons for that purpose, I would have probably just ended my life. So when I was stripped down to nothing, I started rebuilding from there. Anyway, your comment made me reflect on that and I just wanted to share. Let’s do lunch soon!


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