Apr 16


I am starting today with no title. I mention that one way or another, because I feel it sets the tone for whatever is to be said. But I do have two topics.

The first thing is that book Emergence that I am reading by Barbara Marx Hubbard. Perhaps “assimilating” is a better way to put it, because I am taking it in little bits at a time. Truthfully, I am familiar with the concepts contained in the book, but as we all know there are little nuggets scattered about everywhere, and so I am getting something I haven’t gotten elsewhere from this book.

To preface what I felt was relevant to share, by “Inner Beloved” she basically means your higher self, or soul, or whatever you call yours. The Local Self is your ego, your personality, the limited understanding that you have here in your body that is sometimes also called the Inner Child.

How she got here wasn’t so relevant, but this really spoke to me on page 22 (emphasis is mine not the author’s):

We now know that emotions have an underlying biochemical process, fully coordinated by the body/mind on a physiological level. We have also learned that grief or anger or any prolonged negative emotion can cause downtime for the immune system, directly affecting the health of the body.

[Nicole: I included that for reference, but I already understood that part.]

The Design Is Perfect-Making

Whatever happens may not be what we would have consciously chosen. Often it is not. But when we examine it in the Inner Sanctuary, we find that at the deeper level the situation is not perfect but it “perfects” us to face it, if we choose to accept the challenge. We may experience, trauma, tragedy, obstacles, but they can be interpreted as opportunities for growth, designed for our own perfect-making.

[And then:]

Since I have committed to realizing my full potential in this lifetime, I choose to interpret everything that happens to me as an opportunity for self-evolution. I tell myself that if I did not need to learn from a particular experience, I would not be given it. With this understanding, I prefer to face a painful experience now rather than later, because if I face it fully now, I will learn the lesson and not have to deal with it at some future point.”

So, that sort of sums it up, and by it, I mean my approach to life. I really truly believed in this approach before Erin died, and yet I had to reexamine it afterward. I do keep coming back to it, though, and I thought that Barbara Marx Hubbard nicely explained it. It also gave me comfort to see it in this format. I can’t tell you why, but perhaps it was my “Inner Beloved” that was speaking to me through this book.

Now topic two…I watched a fabulous short video today on Mastering Working with Divination Tools. Many people use cards of some sort, such as Doreen Virtue’s many sets of Angel cards, or even basic Tarot cards. I thought this lady Serapina nicely gave an introductory instruction on how to use them.

So…while watching that it gave me a flash in my mind of my The Soul’s Journey deck by James van Praagh, so I went and got them and decided I wanted a daily “check” of where I am on this journey. I pulled three cards in this order: Change: I understand that nothing can grow or evolve without movement.; Patience: I accept that everything happens in divine order.; Service: I feel good when I can help others. This is telling me to stay the course, and reaffirming that I do in fact understand the guidance I have received.

Next, I was guided to grab my “Dreamtime” deck, hand made by my mentor and friend June Stephansen. They are not available by retail, but she will hand make a deck for you for $200 if memory serves correctly. At any rate, I was guided to program them for my deeper purpose, deeper life messages, or for my clients if I ever read for anyone else. I felt I should pull 2 cards, and did in this order: Knights Templar and “Love” – Passionate Love, Unconditional Love, Romantic Love, Tumultuous Love. I cannot tell you on what level this speaks to me, but the message is very spot on and reaffirms a whole lot.

At this point, I have elected to name this post Emerging. Not for the book, but for my own Emergence. Even though life is still very crummy, I feel connected to the All That Is in a way that I never have before and it feels warm and comforting.

There seems to be more that I want to say, but I can’t coherently spit it out at the moment.

Namaste, and always #missingerin




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