Apr 02

Up on the Mountain Top (aka Soap Box)

Another day, same stuff. Well sort of. I admit that I am somewhat preoccupied by what I suppose I could call, generally, “social injustices.” I really don’t like that term, but I can’t come up with a better one at the moment.

Some of you don’t know me as well as others. Do you know that I value all opinions? I also believe that ALL of us have the right to express them, but not to push them on other people. If you bring something up in conversation, I have a right to a reply. I may not agree with what you are saying, and I may even think we are too far apart in ideology to be close friends, but as long as you are not hurting anyone else, you should be free and fearless to express your truths. Just don’t assume they are mine, or try to make them mine.

I think it’s great that so many in the world are standing up for others by saying “That’s not right, I will not buy your products” or whatever it is. We all don’t have to be alike, but we should be equal. Isn’t that what all of our great democracies are founded on? Equality? At the very least, they are founded on equality and freedom. Democracy may not be the answer, but hey, it’s the best we’ve got right now and certainly better than a theocracy. If you don’t believe me, ask the Shia Muslims how they feel being ruled by a Sunni government. Insert Catholic/Protestant, Church of Christ/Baptist, or whatever terms you like, and you may then really see what I mean. And hell, I think maybe it’s relevant to insert Conservative/Liberal or Democrat/Republican right? No one likes feeling as if they are treated unfairly, or being treated unfairly.

So that said, let me move on to some of the trappings of affluence. One of the examples I like to use in conversation is about a $15K diamond ring from Tiffany’s that I tried on back when we lived in Dallas, TX in around 2000. I don’t know what inflation makes it – it was $15K then. It was their version of the Princess cut, set in platinum, and boy was it beautiful. It was also the price of a car, and in some areas, I suspect a house. Most people cannot afford a $15K diamond ring or ring of any sort for that matter. Could I buy it? Yes, I could. Maybe not outright but I can afford to buy that even if on credit.

SHOULD I buy it? Hell no. That would be very irresponsible with people starving, out of work, without basic necessities, etc. I may as well be saying “Let them eat cake.” And if you think that everyone has an equal chance – even in America – you are mistaken. I’m a highly intelligent person who was raised to think I could be whatever I wanted to be. Not so. I wasn’t raised with any money, couldn’t go to certain schools (lack of funds), didn’t run with certain social crowds, etc. I had no influence in other words. So no, I did not have the same opportunities that some I knew had. Where’s the equality in that? I’m not bitter, just a realist. In fact I think t hat my experience has helped me to understand the Human condition better. Yes, the Human condition. I hate to be cliche, but 99% of the population experiences some form of poverty, various types of general suffering, and a life indebted to working for money you just pay to bills and taxes. Before you judge anyone, you really need to walk in their shoes even if it’s just in your imagination. Most people’s shoes suck a big one. You can’t generalize things like “I’m tired of paying taxes for people who won’t work!” Really? Do you know WHY each of them is out of work? What their life circumstances are that got them from A to B? And why they are stuck in B? No, you really don’t, because you can’t see it from your high judgmental horse.

I’m not perfect, but I can tell you that my life circumstances have resulted in me seeing – and feeling – the error in a great deal of my judgmental comments (even if they were to myself). Everyone eventually reaps what they sow. What’s my purpose in this today? Just to put it out there. And really, I don’t want anyone to suffer as I am, or as millions of others are. We have the resources in this world to use our money, and our wisdom, to make it a better place. Why aren’t we? Fear and greed. They are shameful and ugly things.

And yes, I am still grieving. Terribly. I cried before I ever got out of bed this morning. I miss my baby, so much that I’m sure it’s slowly killing me. I don’t fear death though. I fear living much, much more. Living is wrought with suffering it seems. We need more joy in the world, and I’m convinced that if enough people could get out from in under the yoke long enough to feel joy all at once, it would change things immediately. The vibration would rise to a crescendo and whoosh! A different world. One can hope right? Even though I am very much in despair, I still hope that for the rest of you. It’s what we are all here, now, for, in my opinion anyway.

Ok, namaste and #missingerin. I’m getting a nosebleed from the high soap box I’ve been on the last 10 minutes. 🙂

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