Mar 22

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I began this originally by basically apologizing for my ideology. I don’t like to alienate people, as I believe that we all have common threads that unite us if we could all just see past our judgments and biases. ALL of those are learned, and as you well know we usually find out at some point that maybe we really didn’t know it all. I’m a seeker and a thinker and forever in search of knowledge, wisdom, and truth. The more I learn, the more I realize that I did not know. That’s the only “fact” I can say with 100% certainty.

I told someone at work the other day, that I don’t get the easy way out. I never have and I continue to have to walk the lonely road that is less traveled. I don’t know why, but it appears to be true. And if I try otherwise, I am doomed to repeat whatever it is that I tried to get out of. That has never been too much of a burden until Erin died, and so knowing that is both a blessing and a curse because I would like to just end this nonsense and start over doing something more pleasant (i.e., reincarnate somewhere else). But I know I would have to start this shit over. No thank you.

So many people seem bothered by my view on that, and I guess it scares them. If you want to be upset about something, be upset and outraged at the suffering in this world. Be upset that we are locked in this time and space, and in these bodies, doomed to suffer until by some chance we are set free to do something more pleasant. Be upset that people are hungry and have no place to live, or that anyone lives in abuse, pain, or slavery. And lastly, be upset that morons are upset at things other than that, like which political candidate you voted for or that someone is having sex with or wants to marry a person you disagree with. And that they are happy doing so. Do you see where I am going here?

Everyone needs the gift of a perspective change. I hope you do not get one the way that I did. I will suffer every day of the life of this body, and in a way that cannot be alleviated. I will do my best to never inflict more suffering on another and especially one who doesn’t deserve it. I understand things that even a year ago I could not have understood. I am still rebuilding who I am becoming, and in many ways I am like a Frankenstein. I am a patchwork, and there is life there but it’s not like your life.

After writing this twice, I no longer have any idea where I was going with this! So I will stop now and just send love and hugs to everyone who has touched my life. There are too many of you to name but I appreciate and love you all.

Namaste, and always #missingerin

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    • Mac Tov on March 22, 2015 at 4:01 pm
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    Who is she to Jacques de Molay……..for that is the root cause …..where the why this “had” to happen……..originates……and where you will find the understanding and forgiveness… need ….. takes 9 monthes ……good news is she is in a realm …dimension you have access to…..Arcturian Corridor…..unconditional love,,,,,,happiness…… sadness where she is living in……you must not give up……you must find her in your true Heart…..and never let go .

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