Jan 11

The Value of Peeling the Onion

Before I write, I asked for clarity on my topic and pulled Indecision: I use my intuition in all aspects of life. That is a good reminder, because my topic came about after a rash of second guessing myself yesterday in regards to some advice and a conversation I had while having dinner with a friend.

The initial topic came up when my friend noted that she had recently had some work done to have cords removed from her etheric body. She was astounded at the results, and said how much it had helped her. Later, however, the basic topic of emotional clearing came up and I tried my best to explain why removing cords was not a permanent solution to any issue, and not to be shocked if an “issue” came up again.

I also find that as I write this, I keep having to start over because I keep sugar coating it, apologizing, trying to talk “you” into it (talk me into it?), whatever. The bottom line is that therapies are complementary. Lessening a burden or repair work is not meant to take the place of the work needed to sort out and resolve emotional issues. I can hand you my grocery bags, but if my shoulder still hurts then it will hurt next time I pick them up. And emotional triggers don’t’ just go away without work.

Now this isn’t a commentary on my friend, but typically people just don’t want to do any work. They don’t want to feel any pain. The reason is obvious – it sucks. It’s not instant gratification. You have to revisit things that were already painful from your past. But when you complete each layer (yep, like an onion), the triggers don’t hurt so bad. They don’t make you as fearful, angry, as sad, as ashamed, or whatever the lower spectrum emotion is. This is all part of being emotionally healthy, and it is well worth the work. You let the baggage go and you are lighter.

Complementary therapies such as bodywork, RET, cord cutting and others remove attachments and programming. They help you to get through a crisis, clean the body up, assist with ingrained feelings and habits, etc. But they do not remove the root cause. There is no magical cure. And there are no saviors! Always remember that. You are meant to save yourself by figuring out the puzzle, hanging in there, and doing the work. The price is the work done by you – you must put the effort in.

You may notice that I listed fear(ful) above first, and that is because all of the other “lower” emotions arise from fear. Fear is the mother of the negative. We react badly, and act badly, due to some fear. Maybe we are afraid of what people think. Maybe we’re afraid our spouse will leave us. We may be afraid for our lives. Whatever the reason, it’s a powerful emotion and powerful driver. I happened upon a wonderful article that talks about fear yesterday (not a coincidence!). It’s called Smoke and Mirrors: The Illusion of Fear and I highly recommend it.

As I noted, there are no shortcuts to peeling your onion, although sometimes you can have larger shifts in perspective than others. Regardless of the magnitude of what you learn or discover, please make sure you recognize it and change whatever is being illuminated. As I have mentioned many times, I had an axe taken to my onion in the form of my daughter’s death. In an instant it showed me so much, and in many ways took the entire onion with it. I hope for you that you can work at your own pace and that you don’t have to experience trauma as I did. On a daily basis I have to make sure that I work on what remains, and that I rebuild my Self with what is positive and healthy. I guess the point is that it’s always a challenge, always a learning experience, but it does get easier as you clear your “stuff. Had I not done the work that I did, I may have lost my mind and acted out badly during my ordeal.

That’s all for today. I actually began writing this yesterday, so I may write again today.

Namaste and #missingerin


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    • Marianne Campbell on January 11, 2015 at 7:54 pm
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    Nicole, I believe that some of the embedded cords were from past lives and held bad karma. Once I got all the old cords pulled, I did/do feel much better. My understanding is that I was born with cords already in me from previous bad lives. Having those old cords and the bad karma that went with them pulled has really helped me a lot with anxiety. Use Shaun again, as an example, he may have old cords and bad karma, that isn’t his causing his shyness. I believe that past lives play big into my present life. I try to live this life with the least amount of bad karma I can leave it with. However, I do respect your teaching, and may end up on nerve pills at a further date. Also, I need to read all your sites articles. I get tangled up in my own beliefs and don’t consider anything else. Please let me know if this comes through. LOVE

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