Dec 02

Last Night’s Meditation Experience

This is going to be a somewhat different post than the type I’ve been feeling lately. Yes I’m still sad…but let me put that aside for a moment in order to share with you something that I experienced yesterday and this morning.

Over and over during readings of various types, and during my own meditations, card pulling, or otherwise seeking guidance from my team, I have been told meditate. Meditate, and raise your vibration from the sadness, and also that not only will I connect with Erin through meditation but that I will also be able to do so in new ways once I get out of this quagmire of sadness and can meet her vibration.

Now for those of you who may be new to these topics, let me briefly explain. Do I sound like I’m running a race here? I feel like it for some reason. I guess I am excited to share this with you and can’t type fast enough. Anyway, when we die we shed our bodies. Doesn’t matter what you believe in or who, everyone except for some atheists believe that the spirit lives on after we die. But how? The Soul is forever. I know some differentiate between Soul and Spirit, but for this sharing, I may use them interchangeably. So the Soul separates from the body only to go to somewhere (insert your version here). It’s another density, vibration, dimension – again insert word here.

I don’t claim to understand it but I understand parts. That is how those who have shed their bodies communicate with mediums, how non-Earth entities and spirits communicate, and how we see them in our dreams. They are another vibration, and some can sense it and some can’t, but at some point most of us will rise to the occasion so to speak. The old church song that goes “All of the dead shall rise, righteous meet in the skies” comes to mind as a metaphor actually, because we will see their higher vibrational form at some point when we ascend our own vibration to whatever “heaven” that we end up in.

Before we get stuck on semantics, here is what I wanted to share. I actually felt Erin asking me to meditate for a day or so, but I just couldn’t. I was already sad enough, very unfocused, and didn’t want to go there. But I promised that I would, and a day or so later, I got quiet as I laid down to sleep last night and decided to see if I could find her. I was immediately taken to our new special spot. It’s a pasture of sorts with a huge apple tree that showed up in a reading I had with Lisa Gawlas some time ago. The apples are knowledge and mine is overflowing. Erin and I will sit for a few minutes eating various apples and such when I meet her there.

Last night I was already having a hard time focusing, so I didn’t see too many details of her face and such, but she was immediately there dressed in jean shorts and a white shirt with colorful horses on it that Aunt Shirley gave her last year. She insisted that I join her in some play for a few minutes and then we both collapsed under the apple tree.

I got stuck from the get go on how fast things were moving, like zipping around from point a to point b and she taught me something important. Where I was “visiting,” I needed to understand that the rules of Earth do not apply. Things are different. Accept them for how they are and let that go. How smart is that? You’d have thought in all of these years I would have realized that I was imposing my reality on a different reality but nope, she had to tell me that. Now, I can’t sit still very long but I did as long as I could, less than 10 minutes really. But she told me she had to go and she hugged me and I looked at her ear ring holes for some reason. I saw them very clearly, and they looked like they always did (a little red and irritated) and I mentioned earrings, and suddenly her dragonfly earrings were there and she literally lifted up in the air and like a whirlwind of light energy, dissolved as she flew up to the heavens.

Then I got up and went through the open portal (door) and was suddenly back in my own “special place” that I use for meditation. I have mentioned that I don’t meditate much, but long ago I created the special place for meditations, past life regressions, etc. I can see it pretty clearly and know it well. I ran over to my bed and jumped on top of it. I have a lovely bed there. I love my bed more than my couch so made sure I had one in my special place. And guess what? My TEAM was there to greet me.

Since Erin died and even before, I kept my spiritual work at bay because I was too tired, worried, stressed, unfocused, etc. to really do any work. But the last few times I have had reason to go to my special place, the same group of folks has been there. Let me introduce them to you: a Minotaur, Thoth, and Isis the Mother goddess. The first person to greet me was the minotaur. I don’t know his name but he is very gentle and loving. Thoth was there, but sort of in the background. Isis came straight over to hug and comfort me and this was when I realized, hey, this is my team and they have been here all along. She said as much – we have been waiting on you! I have to pause and say how utterly stupid I feel that I have been wondering who my team was, but didn’t put any effort into determining who they were other than a group in the background helping me out. (Think of your team as your guardian angels. Who they are can change over time.)

I had a new team member there too and I knew him on sight. Krishna, yes the Hindu one of the blue race. He has sort of been making himself known to me lately and he was there. By the way, some equate Krishna with the person of Jesus. They are indeed very similar souls but I believe they are different people. Anyhoo, he put his hands on my feet and Isis put her hands on my head and they began streaming energy through my body. I could physically feel it actually and it was soothing. At one point she sort of “twisted” my head off, then pulled it up off of my body, and it was some sort of energy release and adjustment. It felt good anyway. After awhile my consciousness drifted and I forgot about my special place and then later went to sleep.

Now here is the good part! I work from home, and so set my alarm for the latest possible time that I can to get up. I was not yet awake at 7:17am when I heard the first beep. The dreaded smoke detector battery has gone bad beep. So I hear the first one, become awake, and say something to Erin that I hear her. But then I heard the next one and realized what it was, and so got up. After some detective work, I realized that **sigh** it was the one in her room. I still don’t go in there because it makes me cry. So I got the ladder and took it in and replaced the battery. Beep stopped for about 3 minutes and I hear another! This time, it was in her play room. There are probably 5-6 detectors upstairs and the only ones that beep are in her rooms? That’s when I realized that it was not a coincidence and that she wanted me to take notice.

I looked around her rooms to see if I could find any messages of note, and I couldn’t, so I came to work (downstairs) and pondered it and what has come to me is that she was reminding me that what I experienced last night was absolutely real. I could have so easily dismissed it as wishful thinking, or my imagination, but she was telling me that I am here, with you, and that was real.

Well I don’t know what I am supposed to do with it except for to continue to go within (meditate, etc.) and to try to find my way through this. I will take any relationship that I can get with her, even if it is a non-physical one. Yes, I still want to touch her and see her with my physical eyes but I will take what I can get at this point.

Yesterday I was thinking that I had little real gratitude for anything. There was just nothing I was grateful for. I still somewhat feel that way, but I am definitely grateful that Erin is still here with me and that she is teaching me whatever it is that this horrible Earth experience has for me to learn.

So peace, blessings, and Namaste you wonderful people. #missingerin

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