Nov 25

Give a Little Love

OK, you caught me. I’m suddenly humming the Judd’s song by the name of this blog post title. Well, that song isn’t quite the spirit of my thoughts, but it will do. I posted on Facebook a little bit ago that the world needs more love today, and that I thought that was what was wrong anyway. Wrong with what you say? Well, everything. There is so much hate and all of those negative emotions that take you down that path floating around, those of us who are mindful should work harder today to counteract them with some love. And those of us who just got a spark from reading that, you do your part too. Just conjure up that love feeling for the entire world, and project it out. You can do it! It may sound hard, but I promise it’s not.

Even the worst of people aren’t all bad. If you don’t believe me, pick one and look into their past. Most if not all of them were mistreated, or mislead, by someone they loved or held as an authority figure. Maybe they never received any gesture of love themselves, and it shaped them. Then you have true psychopaths. They aren’t “right.” They are sick. Don’t they deserve love too? Sending out love doesn’t mean there are no consequences for actions, but you can administer those consequences in a more kind and compassionate way. Every living thing deserves love, kindness, and compassion. Why? Because we are all one, and if one of us does, all of us do.

I’m going to veer off now to my card of the day, because I have alraeyd mentioned that there are a string of negative emotions on the negative side of the scales that lead to hate. Hate being the most extreme polarity (love — hate), but you know, it’s mostly in the gray area for people. And most people don’t understand that emotions like shame, guilt, sadness even, are on that negative side of the scale. They lead to a lot of ill gotten things like repressed emotions, pain, and convoluted thinking by the Ego. And then, of course, to the person acting out and hurting others (even if verbally). Yeah, this could be a whole paper, but it’s not it’s a blog post. So sorry for rushing through it.

My card today, just as I was thinking out loud about needing more love in the world, and briefly crying and speaking to Erin telling her that she is what inspires me to love so much…my card is Guilt: I release any beliefs that no longer assist in my soul’s growth. Loving MYSELF would certainly allow me to open up to release that now wouldn’t it? Ah, the revelations that come to me when I focus.

I can see how it would be hard to love others without loving ourselves, too. I admit, I really sort of like myself. I have for a long time. I used to not, but I worked to change that and was quite pleased with the results. But Erin’s death has caused me to really look deep within myself. At first I couldn’t see past things like regret. It’s amazing how well finality can illuminate that, and if more people would really take ideas like the song “Live Like You Were Dying” to heart, maybe they could find some peace and love within themselves. All things final change your perspective, because you can’t go back, and you really have to take stock of your decisions. Since most of the time you don’t get to see it on the front end, you take stock of them in hindsight.

Easier to say than do, though. I have been carrying guilt since before Erin died, and while it’s really more subtly regret, it’s just a flavor of the same emotion. I no longer love myself very much and have a lot of inward disdain. But holding on to those will not assist in my soul growth. In fact, holding on to this will hinder it.

At this point, I sometimes wonder why I even care about soul growth anymore. I used to know that it was what I was really living for. You know, my purpose. Everyone’s purpose, even if they didn’t know it. And that brings me back to Love…and to Erin. Some say that our only true purpose is to love and to Know Love (capital letters there guys…). I have now Known Love. Real, Unconditional Love I mean. And if I don’t strive to be the best that I can be, and to Be Love with what I have left, then I am wasting it. And I’m doing all of you a disservice. We are all One you know.

Peace, love, and Namaste bitches! I guess I’m getting my sense of humor back with all of this love floating around!


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