Nov 11


I meant to post yesterday, but I got wrapped up in having to go pay my mother’s nursing home bill and lost the spare time that I had to do so. I also don’t have a title yet. You know what that means…I will find my way through writing with you.

I should mention that I pulled a card yesterday and it was Failure: I understand that a mistake is only an opportunity to learn. As you may have noticed thus far, even “negative” ideas such as failure and “mistake” have a flip side. You need only look for it and your perspective will shift.

Now, as I wrote and reread that last sentence, I thought to myself “Sure, I believe that mostly, but nothing applies to this sadness I carry.” And then I pulled today’s card. Abundance: I am a limitless being, and I can manifest whatever I desire in this physical reality. WOW. Well that is a shift in perspective if you look at the last week worth of cards. And here is a kicker – you’ve gotta love Spirit and how it speaks to you – that idea is one of the main tenets of multidimensional thinking (as opposed to the traditional, limiting world view). It’s also something that I have said doesn’t apply to my situation. My desire, of course, is to physically be reunited with my daughter. Is there something I don’t know about my overall plan for this life? Because it seems that I am starting with such a tall order that I will never achieve it. It is “impossible.” Do you know that I always say nothing is impossible? I mean, I just don’t see how this one is going to pan out, even with a shift in perspective.

But then, today is 11/11. If you are into numerology, you may already know that there are portals of energy that come through around specific days. I’m not so sure that it has to do with the fact that this is 11/11, but more so that our conscious minds pay attention to those types of things. Like when you see 11:11 or 333 or something. Regardless of what you believe, you take notice. Maybe it’s just “neat” but you look! Think of it as software downloads from the divine to your physical body/brain (hardware) that help you to adapt and grow in this ever changing place we call Earth. OK, if you want to learn more, either Google some of this nifty stuff or just ask me and I’ll elaborate. I have digressed.

I will admit that I find this nudge to shift my perspective interesting and timely. Maybe piquing my curiosity is just what I need to shift me out of this sadness. The sadness, by the way, has changed flavors. It doesn’t hurt as deep, but it feels as if it’s stronger. Like a deep earthquake versus a shallow one. It is now shallow, felt all over and causing many tears. I like the irony in that word – “teers” and “tares” phonetically but spelled the same way. Well I don’t know what that means, but it means it has shifted.

I guess that’s all folks for now. Peace and blessings, and big (((Hugs))).

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