Aug 29

Fun Erin Video


I still don’t know how to embed these things! Anyway, click the link and you will hear Erin and Simone meowing. We were likely on the way back from the movies, or maybe this past year’s Panoply. They always had a great time in the car, and sometimes sang the “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” song but inserted their own words for Diamond (like Buffy, or Oliver).

Here is another one two days after her first set of surgeries on her back, taken 2/22 in Birmingham, with my Uncle Joel. She was so nice to him and she was helping him walk my cousin’s dogs. Hope it comes through – haven’t posted many on Youtube, but it’s too big to upload here:

Erin and Uncle Joel

Will work on trying to embed. It’s been awhile, and I’m out of practice.

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