Aug 28

More Erin with Video

Woke up with the elephant on my chest again. I actually woke thinking of her several times during the night. I’m not up for watching this yet today, but it is one of my favorites to show you her personality. It was done in the backseat of the van sometime this past year (2014). She loved to do selfies. She took like 200 selfies and then deleted them later. I wish she hadn’t, but I asked why she was using up all of my space and she misunderstood. Anyway, enjoy the video.

I see that every day will be a struggle. It’s awfully hard to function when you are paralyzed by grief and despair. I realized last night, I am feeling despair, and rightfully so. The lack of hope (despair) for seeing Erin again has me really down. Her body has died, and so I can never hold her, touch her, see her, or her hear laugh again. I know her spirit lives on, but that is no consolation to me. It gives me little comfort if any. I don’t really know what to do about that, as there doesn’t seem to be any known cure.

I decided to go ahead and include a video of her on her birthday last year (10th on 12/11/2013). It was totally her too. Sorry I don’t know how to do this one without you clicking on the link below. Love you all and enjoy.


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