Aug 26

Various Artwork and Such

This is what I have handy of Erin’s artwork and stuff.













This was what she drew for Shaun this past Father’s Day 2014.













She and I colored in a solar themed mandala on the Solstice (June 21 2014). This was the one she picked and colored.













We found this tucked into a magazine on the coffee table. Erin’s friend Anna Kate said that she named her Mary for no real reason (she asked when Erin showed it to her).

Erin_Meltingpot – read this she wrote for class. She first got introduced to the Melting Pot by the Howley’s. She loved going there and I wish we had taken her as a family more than once, but she got to go with the Howley’s a few times.

Last_reportcard – Her last Report Card. She managed all A’s even while sick.













Just a note. She was on a very strong NSAID before we left to go to Iowa, so I had to look at all of her poop to make sure she wasn’t bleeding. You may not believe it but finding this note she wrote on my desk brought tears to my eyes. I’m sure you will get a good laugh, though.

I will have to make it a point to scan and upload more. Enjoy.

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