Aug 26

More Art

Some more artwork I found.













I hope you can see the detail on this one. Simone Howley came and gave Erin a drawing book on the Thursday after she had her first surgery (Thursday July 24) I think. Anyway, when we came home I found this drawing, and Simone said she didn’t do it. So Erin drew it, before she got too sick to do so. It is our cat Buffy.













This is just something she drew one day this spring or summer. It ended up in my bedroom.











Imagine this folded – the left side is the back of a home made card, the right side is the front. She made this after I went to a “me and mom” karate thing one Saturday in May 2013.

Here is the sweet inside:











My favorite thing that Erin ever drew was heart people. She just started doing that and I am the one who called them heart people. She knew I loved them.

And finally, here are pictures of a balloon she drew wonderful things on. She and Shaun met Nana and Papa(w) at Rosie’s the week before we left for Iowa. She always got a balloon, but this is the first one she did artwork on. I was sitting near her when she drew on it. If you wonder what something is let me know.

























photo 2photo 1












Thank you for sharing my memories of Erin. I hope I find more soon that I’m able to share. She was so special to me, it’s my privilege to share her with you.




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