Jul 01

Riding the Catalyst

I will admit that I got mad this morning when reading a FaceBook post from a male I know regarding the court’s ruling on the “Hobby Lobby” case. I use the term mad, to be honest I was fired up! Now I don’t know what specifically got me fired up, but I know it had something to do with the Feminine and with RA (SUN energies), because I have been experiencing those energies in various ways since the Solstice.

In fact, last night as I was trying desperately to sleep, I could hear the voices of what seemed like millions of women. I even heard one poor soul trying to scream in one of those sleep states. That one was so real and present, that I thought it was my husband but upon careful examination it wasn’t. I don’t know who the poor soul was, but I sure hope they woke up from their nightmare.

Stepping back, I have to realize that the court ruling is just another catalyst for the change that we need to see happen as a society and as individuals. None of us will just change our internal feeling without a catalyst. Many women, specifically, just trod along in life thinking that these issues do not apply to them. However, I keep thinking back to the momentous time that I grew up in (70’s and 80’s), and not realizing the importance of the ERA movement, or of Billy Jean King battling it out on the tennis court with a man – and winning! Even the whole casual sex movement of the 80’s was a triumph for women. I personally don’t want to share my body with just anyone, but dammit, I have the right to if I want to! And I have the right not to have a scarlet letter pasted on me for it.

Thinking about that, you know, the biggest weapon that the power that be (TPTB) have against us women is other women. As a teenager you fear being called a tomboy, or a slut, or whatever the other girls call you. You grow up, go to college, and join a sorority or something and you are told to mold into their image (usually a proper lady). Then you become a wife, a mother, and hell you sure have to keep up that soccer mom image or the other moms think you are some sort of pariah! And while I abhor the religious, holier than thou women (the hypocrites, not people of integrity mind you), a lot of this shit comes directly from the regular gals who have jumped on the bandwagon.

A recent example comes to mind…a lady in my neighborhood who is a wife and mother, found a hidden video camera installed in her bathroom. Long story short, it was a neighbor man who she was drinking buddies with (he and his wife). I heard someone say, well I’ve been over there and she was usually very inebriated. I can’t say what the person saying this meant, because I didn’t ask, but I took it as “She wasn’t very responsible and she sort of asked for it.” Again, my interpretation. I am ashamed to say I sort of agreed with that idea. But the real issue was that maybe she was always too drunk to notice this friend was in her bathroom. Hell, maybe she didn’t care and was just upset when her husband found the camera. Who knows. But putting a camera in someone’s home crosses a line. That’s not OK, even if the person being filmed was just too damn hot and inviting not to watch!

Much of the time the “stuff” that is directed towards women, people of color, the poor, etc. is from white, wealthy males. Many times they are Christian in nature, but not always. I would suppose that in the Middle East it comes from Muslim males of some sort. I think, though, there is really one thread that runs in them all – those in power and those that want to be a part of the power structure. They don’t share their power, and so they oppress. They then convince the oppressed that they are better off how they are, that they need to squelch dissenters, and that if they do things like hard work they one day too will be in power. It’s all a racket, a load of BS, but that is a topic for another day.


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