Jun 24

Solstice Energies

This time, I am NOT going to say that I am “back” or going to “post daily.” Apparently I just need to take it day by day, just like many of you do. I have normal obligations like cleaning, taking care of my family, work (a 3D job), etc. This year I discovered that it was in my life’s plan to overcome several obstacles, many of which I have posted about. I must say though that this Summer Solstice, I just sort of came through the gate with a renewed sense of purpose and much lighter. Don’t get me wrong, I am still very tired and feel as if I’m recovering from a long illness, but I am “here” mentally and emotionally in a way I have not been in awhile.

I do want to take a moment to remind everyone that no matter how dark the night is that you are traversing, it will get better. You just have to remember that. 2013 was a horrible year for me in 3D terms. Then in early February 2014, I put my mother in a nursing home, my daughter had two major surgeries and got diagnosed with an illness that takes months to recover from, she had another surgery in early May and while she was in the hospital, my brother-in-law died. I could bore you with the other little details of what else went “wrong” but only the high points are necessary. I found myself going in circles, probably mostly because February began a Mercury Retrograde period and I had to repeat everything, but still, I admit I thought that this was all destroying me for a short while. I am naturally optimistic, and just that feeling alone was a red flag.

But it did get better, and I survived, and we are moving forward. It’s funny because it’s very difficult to achieve balance and inner peace and wisdom when you are in a constant state of chaotic turmoil. Yet, the turmoil can be of tremendous value because if you handle it, it allows you to learn, grow, shed old baggage and triggers, etc. You come out the other side of that shit as a better version of yourself. You just have to be willing to hang in there and to do the work to figure it out and not lose your mind (or get drunk or take Prozac!).

This Solstice was about balancing the equality of the Feminine and Masculine. Note that I did not say “Rise of the Feminine.” Because folks, this is about equality. If you are truly striving for “higher frequencies” and balance, you don’t want to be dominant. You DO want equality though. I grew up thinking that I could do anything that boys could do and didn’t give it a second thought until I got older. Once I experienced a bit of discrimination as a young adult, I admit that my stance changed to “And BETTER than you can!” But now, I just want my place at the table. And I want the boys there. I want everyone there. We belong together – and we are in this together.

So that said let me share a most interesting dream that I had the night of June 20. I kept switching POV from being in a car, to being in a sort of meeting room looking at a map of where I was at in the car. When I was in the car, this woman was in a car in front of me and when I would change lanes so would she to get right in front of me. Now this was odd because we did not move from the intersection we were at. Then in the meeting room, I was shown repeatedly by another woman, who I recognized as our HOA President, how the Restroom areas built by the two intersections were brand new, and then she kept saying they had to be moved. Now if that wasn’t interesting enough, the “car lady” as it turns out was putting up a shield and blocking me from laser fire from other cars. I could see the shield absorb the lasers, just like on a movie. Maybe they were photon torpedoes – not sure! The road also, was brand new – nice and black and fresh lines. What this means, is that I was going through the gate. The road and car, etc. was very nice and new – in good shape which in dream speak is a positive sign. I had a protector, guiding me from whatever might have stopped me. And I also had nice new “toilets” to catch my “shit” or baggage at the intersections where I might stop or transition along the way. In this case there were two of them. I was shown this near the end, and told they would be moved I assume because I was done with this leg of the journey. I completed the journey the 21st when my daughter and I both colored printed sun mandalas, and then went outside for a short offering to the fairies and gnomes in our yard. It was a nice day.

I am still basking in the light of the energies from the Solstice. On Sunday I realized that I have a strong desire to get back into the actual WORK part of metaphysics. I stopped doing sessions long ago, blaming it on lack of people interested in my work. Well if I am honest I was afraid to do them, and they were tiring. I also have a desire to start up the “remote viewing” in earnest. I put it in quotes because I do not do textbook remote viewing. I see the information I need immediately upon a thought, reading a sentence, etc. It’s more psychic work I suppose after listening to Joe McMoneagle (LOL) but anyway, you know what I mean. I also desire to get back into a satisfying job, in the office. I didn’t say leave my company, but that may be in the cards. I am open to what the universe has in store for me.

I hope you, too, had a life changing, electrifying Solstice. May the Force Be With You!



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