Feb 02

Graduation and Gateways

As par for my course, I have no idea what I am to write about today but I was just told via a large energy nudge to get here and write. I even made another pot of coffee to put me in the right mindset. So what that it’s nearly 3pm. ha ha!

I had a moment today to reflect on what my life has been like, for as long as I can remember. I bet that this rings true for most of you reading, too. It’s utter chaos. Controlled chaos, but chaos. Drama. Day after day of some shit hitting the fan and then all of the hurdles that I jump through to fix it. To be honest, my professional life is much more desirable than my personal life in that manner. Again, I bet many of yours are that way too. How many people have you known that stay late at work to avoid coming home? I have known a few who admitted it, many more who didn’t. And then there are those of us who just jump back into the frying pan willingly and then muddle our way out of it. The trouble is, we never really get any farther than to the edge of the pan before we are sucked back in to put out another fire.

I have never in my life, this life at least, desired the life of a monk or anything, but now I see that they sort of found the way out of this viscous cycle of crap that we call 3rd dimensional Earth. I mean, it’s set up for us to be terminally hooked into the cycle of drama and the only way to get out of that is by absolutely cutting ourselves off from everything and everyone else. Still, even those more “solitary” environments are “artificial” and carefully controlled. This realm just isn’t set up for peace and harmony…yet. Or maybe I should say at this time. I am sure that at least once we have had it here. We had it somewhere at some time, because it is in our collective memory.

I do wonder if you all, like me, are currently experiencing some revelations about your lives and your plight. As I write this, I am continually thinking of Neo in The Matrix. In order to move out of a situation, or forward, you have to be able to recognize where you are. If you don’t recognize that you are here, or there, then there is no impetus to move. There may be a doorway that you never even look at because you have no reason to do so. Neo needed a guide to help him see the door, then step through it. No so different than most of us spiritual warriors who have been at this for so long eh! Well, I don’t want to get off track talking about fate and destiny and how Neo played his part in that, etc. but you get the picture. I have come to a space where I can look around me and I can see the culmination of eons of work, eons of stuff, and I can say ah, well I am here now. I may not be headed to my grand finale yet, but I am ready to go to the next scene at least.

That’s the prevailing feeling that I have today anyway. I think I have not only learned my own curriculum, but I’ve also served as an anchor for many. That can get rather weary! I realized yesterday that my mother, who neglected me for a good portion of my childhood, now sees me as her security blanket. You know, she probably always did but did not have to act on it as she does now (even if unconsciously). I find myself now speaking in calm but firm tones to my daughter when she cries during the night (yes she still cries, even though she is better), and otherwise directing others around me personally. I had a period where I sat here and did none of that because I truthfully felt like a know it all, and very bossy. Well that didn’t work out either for various reasons, and so here I am. I have accepted my role, and my circumstances. And now I see the doorway.

This is a gateway time for our planet and you don’t necessarily have to be spiritually advanced to move through it. Your soul will guide you and you will be helped through the doorway even if you can’t detect it yet if you are ready. Kem just pointed out to me that this is a graduation. And I asked really? Because how many times can you graduate for Pete’s sake! He then gave me the example of how my daughter is progressing in karate. They have a schedule, where if you do the work, and demonstrate through tests that you have learned, you progress every 3 months to the next belt. Sometimes they are not full belts, but stripes, or degrees, because you can’t make that big jump all at once. Everything that you do builds on what you learned before, and you have to continue to demonstrate that you know all of it. The more I write, the more familiar this sounds! It’s like everything you learn when you embark on the spiritual, metaphysical journey. But anyway, so they celebrate each time with a graduation and everyone gets to be proud of what they have achieved. Mistakes are welcome, because what do we do with mistakes? We correct them. Period. No wallowing in our sorrows but correcting, making amends, and moving forward. Sounds like a great plan to me.

Let me congratulate you all today on your impending graduation. And on your hard work. As one of us learns, we all learn, and we appreciate your continued contribution to the human collective.





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