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Joelle’s Watchers Series Update – January 26, 2014




“How the Weather Effects our Lives”

What you need to know about the many different attributes of the current weather conditions on the planet; it has a lot to do with knowing something is inherently wrong, for which it makes chase to find answers.  So after watching this particular video below at the very beginning, I was stunned enough to write about it.  Watch the beginning part whereby it is stated the gaseous Mercury or better known as methylmercury is released from snowpack which is another source of weather contamination that is currently in progress.


Atmospheric Mercury

I started the morning off looking for the snow pack results that were apparently done for Atmospheric Mercury levels type of tests done over a period of years.  I am no stranger to science but Earth’s science for me is a challenge.  As I canvassed the many articles I came across this:


For those of you who need a quick logical grasp of what the test results showed in the above article, I have put into a few short untechnical words for human consumption.  Basically when there is solar activity with a high concentration of proton’s coming into the earth’s atmosphere in the higher elevations such as the Rocky Mountains of North America, along with “extremely” cold air, the snow pack releases methylmercury into the atmosphere in higher levels than normal.  Solar activity in the form of “Solar Winds” or positively charged proton’s as the primary source of the biogeochemical discharging of natural methylmercury from the snowpack, and it happens when the Sun releases Solar Winds towards the earth.  As of 2013 and 2014 Solar Winds are still presently streaming and will continue for a few more years.  Although this is a significant factor for which toxins are going into the atmospheric air, the watershed is not being affected by the time spring melt-off occurs.  The snow pack with its minuscule methylmercury has depleted itself enough not to enter the water shed of melted snow and ice.  So it is the atmospheric toxins we have to contend with.

“What this means for the planet”

If it were not enough to understand that human-made methylmercury toxins being released into the air via burning fossil fuels, in particularly coal, there still exists a second threat from natural conditions.   Snowpack in higher elevations with the unanticipated results of anthropologic methylmercury being released into the atmosphere are also creating the same kinds of man-made toxins.  These natural biogeochemical toxins as well will find their way into the delicate ecosystems of wildlife and even that of the many countries around the world via winds (Jetstream etc.), which it is not any different than that of the industrial nations using fossil fuels for industry and fossil fuels for heating.  The point is that the problem has become two-fold as in methylmercury is now produced naturally and it is also produced by man-made means in large quantities.  Two times the problem of toxins in the air.

In the article below there is an accumulation of mercury toxins found in human subject(s) via the food chain.


I have also added a Laboratory simulation of Hg0 emissions from a snowpack. See Below:


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