Jan 26

Ask and You Will Receive!

15668894_sI hope this finds all of you well today. Today I know exactly what I want to write about. As I have noted, while I have been connected to my higher self and guides, and doing energy work internally, I have not made much conscious effort to connect for anything specific in a very long time. Those reasons are another topic unto themselves, but for what it’s worth, recently I have made more of an effort. Well, at least I have asked some questions, and the answers were given immediately. Which is my point, because each of you have the ability to get the answers from your own guidance if you will just ask the questions!

“Psychic energy” actually runs in my family, and so I always felt that it was inside of me but I also expected it to manifest just like it would on a TV show or movie. The truth is, it usually doesn’t manifest that way at all! And each of us have the right hardware and software to make it work. I learned that years ago courtesy of my work with the Nibiruan Council, and well, it was like well DUH! I think, though, that most people think that’s just too easy, and do not believe in themselves to get their own answers. Today I am asking you to believe.

I have already published an article on Guide Talk, but I had an experience last night that was just so cool that I want to share. It was a little less structured than what I mentioned in the guide talk material, and so may be easier for you to just do – like right now!

I was in the bed actually, and had a couple of “problems” that I needed to get to the bottom of in order to restore peace and health to my household. The first was with my daughter. She has had swollen lymph nodes, which led to muscle and nerve pain, and since she’s 10 a lot of waking up crying during the night. I do not do well when it comes to getting answers when I am upset. I do still receive guidance, but unconsciously because I let my emotions get the best of me and block everyone out. I go on autopilot sort of. But I asked last night – I said, Kem, show me what to do.

I am a visual person at my best, and I immediately began getting flashes. First I saw that I needed to massage the muscles, then that I needed to work on her with my smokey quartz wand, and that I needed to make one more appointment with our chiropractor. Now there are additional scenarios that could have been, but they are not even in my field of vision. I could see they were out there in the ethers, but they were very blurry!

The second problem had to do with some behavioral issues. I will keep that particular family member’s privacy and not say who it was (smile), but I will say that I suspected the worst and had blamed the person for their behavior silently all afternoon. When I asked, I was shown differently. First I saw an old friend who visited yesterday. Well my assumptions took over, and I thought ok he brought in an entity? No, because then I was shown baseballs. We have some baseballs that we inherited and he was looking at our baseballs. So I asked, was it a ghost? I was shown Shaman, but that didn’t quite fit? Then it proceeded to show me a Mayan with a native headdress and twice I heard the name Chipper Jones. Well he played for the Braves, and he had signed the ball (i.e., physically handled it). So this entity that was attached to him, its energy was within this ball, and when my family member had picked up that ball yesterday it attached itself.

This sequence took place in less than 60 seconds for me, but I was open to finding the answers and I asked, and they came. I was able to remove the entity and this morning everything was normal and pleasant again in my home.

I admit, even after years of doing this, I am still amazed and this particular thing was so cool to me. Maybe it was the ease in which the answers came? It excited me so much I was wondering who I could get out of bed and tell about it! The point is that anyone can get the answers if they just ask. And we all receive in different ways, so be open to your guides showing you the way in your unique capacity.

As a side note, I am always aware of the signs and symptoms of entity infestation because I do a lot of behind the scenes work that affect the archons and return the balance of power to the people. So they get a bit irritated at times and send their minions over. It’s really more of an irritation than anything now, but several years ago the negative entities in my home caused major disruption and emotional pain for me. They tend to get at us through our loved ones and wreak havoc. To be honest, that really sucks, and I don’t appreciate it much.

The train of thought is gone, so that means that I’ve said what I was meant to say here. Have a wonderful day folks!


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