Jan 25

Joelle’s Watcher Series Update – January 25, 2014




Getting Ready for “The Reset”

This week’s “Update” is to give insight on the Currency Funds.  I myself, along with a few of my spiritually awakened 5 D friends have been hearing the word “Bitcoin” on and off for about a week now.  So I proceeded to ask within myself and that of the Guide’s, I posed questions about the subject of “Bitcoins” for which until recently, I knew nothing about.

It all started with the word COIN that showed up in an article in the Rolling Stone magazine.  The word seemed to kind of just jump off the page at me.  And I thought to myself what does it mean.  Why am I thinking COIN?  So a day or two passed and then it started coming up again.  Now previously I wrote of the “Currency Funds” that were coming and I did not know it at the time but both “Bitcoin” and the new “Currency Funds” were inter-related.  Sometimes it is best to keep things layered in chapters like found in a book about a story of changes to come.  We all need to know what the changes are all about even if we are spoon fed with an ideology on something new on the horizon that could change everything on how we go about our daily lives.

The “Bitcoin” Phenomena

In January of 2009, Bitcoin made its debut into the cyber world of exchanging currency disguised as a “bartering” tool for the exclusive use of exchange for products. You can read about it here:


I have been specifically told that the whole idea was to test a new financial system of exchange early on to de-fragmentize the pitfalls of engaging a new currency.  Most specifically by the world’s elites who have control of the banking system as we know it today.  Unfortunately in “NOW”, the fiat paper system of currency of many countries doesn’t have “Gold” backing to make their currencies strong and stable.  In other words paper money is become worthless as the years roll on.  You as a slave to your job get paid more or less the same for the past 10 years, but your money is worth less today than it was 10 years ago.  It has become harder to make a decent living when your dollars buys much less.  In other words, there is too many dollars floating as currency with no backing.  No matter, American paper money is losing its significance as the ranking currency and is about to “Die”.  The western world bankers are looking closely at another currency and they have their eye on “Bitcoin”.

After reading various articles and compiling enough information about our current currency situation as dying a slow death, I came across this article:  It made total sense to me as to what is taking shape.  Especially after the Dec. 6th 2013 rally to buy up all the “Bitcoin” currency at lowered prices.


Please take the time to do a lot of reading on the subject of “Bitcoin” because it is going to be used in the near future.

The Galactic Federation of Light and the “Bitcoin”

Coming your way soon; “The Reset” of the Currency Fund has a lot to do with the “Bitcoin” phenomena in respect that now that the GF has been able to snare the western world’s wealthy bankers that float paper money without the backing of “Gold” into accepting the “Crypto Currency” without any real backing.  Again there is no backing with precious metals or minerals at the moment.  The entire process has taken a few years to infiltrate the use of “Bitcoin” without being seen as to who(s) owns the vast amount of “Bitcoin” wealth.  The test of using “Bitcoin” has withstood the tremendous abstract capabilities of crypto currency that had absolute controls on how it is divided as in “Mining” in regards to its growth.  Everyone who bought into it, they were part of the testing of the “Bitcoin” currency.

The GF also has seen the pitfalls of how the Elites around the world and the US views its potential as a verifiable currency for their own personal gain.  As of Dec. 6th 2013 came to pass as the day the Elites bought up as much of the Crypto Currency as a sign that they “Sneakily” bought up high volumes with the use of high speed “Cray” computers as to capture as much of the “Bitcoin” wealth in relation to what is available.  They own it!

Now comes the good part; when the GF releases the “Currency fund” and it comes into realization, it will be backed with 100 % “Gold”.  Where the Gold comes from is another story for another day.  The idea is to give every adult human of a given age on the planet earth a “Bitcoin” chunk of “Cyber money” to spend whatever way they wish and share it with their family responsibly.  Slave humans can quit their jobs and they can do some of the things they were never able to do before.  The “Bitcoin” will not go up or down in fluctuation and it will not be traded on stock markets.  Every country will have equal access and bartering capabilities based on this one currency “Bitcoin”.  All existing “Bitcoin” will also be viable currency, but with one regard, it will be adjusted to the Gold backed “Bitcoin” released by the GF.  The value of the existing “Bitcoin” at the moment is unknown in relation to the new Gold backed “Bitcoin” currency.

Another change that is on the horizon; there will be no more banks; interest paid, interest collected- nothing!    Everyone will be using their “Bitcoin” tender effortlessly without any interference from banks that will have gone out of business.  There will be no “Credit Karma” of the past- All will be forgiven.  All will be “Reset” to the new “Bitcoin” as an equal of exchange for everyone, no matter their place in society.  Equity and balance will be in renewal.

The Galactic Federation will monitor all of the “Bitcoin” transfers until the Ground Crew responsible for the setup of Kiosk’s are complete.  Kiosk buildings and online “Bitcom” for “Bitcoin” transfers will be available much like how “PayPal” works for EBay presently.  Money can flow to and flow from your “Bitcoin” account worldwide without any interference.  Information about your personal account and who you are will not be viewable or it cannot be extracted by anyone other than yourself.  There will be no breaking into the accounts and removing funds.  No one can take from you and no one can give you anything unless you take or put what is in the “Envelope”.  These are all personal transactions of “Bartering” with a “Bitcoin” transaction that is virtually equal to what you’re trading, buying, or selling.

The other part of “Bitcoin” is the use of tangible “BitCOINs”.  It took me a while to wrap my head around this ideology, but parents of children and young adults will be able to give small COINs of various sizes and colors made of precious metals marked appropriately for each country.  This is for the ability to control your “Bitcoin” account with your family.  The COINs will have various amounts assigned to them.  For example: the idea of loose change as in pennies, nickels, quarters, one, five, tens and twenties as in dollars will be floating in semi-precious metals.  There will be no paper of any kind.  The metals will neither go up or down in their value.  They will stay the same and used as a convenience for trade for any item(s) or a service(s) as well as food(s) and drink(s).

There will be more information forthcoming, but right now educate yourselves on the present Bitcoin phenomena.

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