Jan 24

This Is Our Once Upon A Time

I am catching up on Once Upon A Time on Netflix. I wish I had kept up with the series from the beginning because it is nicely done and has a great story line. There is so much on TV and in movies that are from the Akashic memory that it’s amazing. The writers may not get the stories 100% correct, or they may put their own spin on them, but the core information is typically correct. That is what I find with Once Upon A Time among others.

Really, the premise behind the first season is so much like what we here on Earth have experienced for millenia. I suppose that we could argue amongst ourselves on whether or not we were cursed, but we did lose our memory and we have lived out lives that were somewhat false in that we did not remember our true selves. Still, just like the characters in this series, much of our Selves shine through in our new lives. For instance, Red didn’t remember she was a wolf, but she retained her great sense of smell and tracking, and she also was bonded to Granny. Gepetto still liked to work with wood and clocks. The Seven Dwarves were all comrades and worked together, and Grumpy even kept his grumpy nature while Sneezy sneezed all the darn time. None of them knew why they were like this, and they would pause for thought, but they simply had such a thick veil between them and their memories that they could not remember.

One of the valuable aspects of our time on this planet is that while we may not fully remember, or remember at all, we are able to work through our “stuff” due to these tendencies coming through the veils and into our lives. Some of us change, some of us atone, and others do nothing but go farther off the deep end if that’s the way they were headed before. And there are still controllers like Mr. Gold and Madame Mayor (Regina), but there are rules they must play by. There is a precarious balance in the show, just as there is here.

If you are a spiritual traveler like me, take a look at your patterns and at the people in your life. If I were a betting person, I’d bet money that at least some of your “stuff” and some of your family and friends have been with you for a very long time, each of you dancing with each other and hoping to get it right this time around. Maybe knowing that there is more to “this” than meets the eye. Hoping for the curse to be broken.

I feel that the curse is in fact about to be broken, and so I encourage you to wrap up your loose ends and hold on to your hats. This is bound to be a wild ride!


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