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I have long been a believer that to grow you need to share, and that could mean in conversation or on paper. Oddly enough, for the past several years I have been rather quiet, and unable to describe the inner stuff that is going on in my life. Well, my guidance has asked me to basically crap or get off the pot. So this is my getting off the pot!

Since I began down my spiritual path I have made more changes than I can remember making. I have grown and I have released. I have used my “gifts” and I have let them wither. I have known love and I have known fear. Part of that fear was that of using my birth name of Nicole. I suddenly became fearful of people that I know professionally of knowing who I really am! Well that goes against everything that I have learned and that I know, so this is me coming back out I suppose. While you will not find me at work spewing my belief system over those who may not want to hear it, you will find me here in my own space writing that which I must write. If you choose to read it, I hope that you will read it with discernment and an open mind.

I still identify more these days with being called Anna than Nicole. As I have merged with my higher self, my Self changed. It sort of morphed I guess you could say. If you ever watched Deep Space 9 and remember Jadzia Dax, who had the symbiote inside of her, or even the Tok’Ra or Go’uld on Stargage, you will know what I mean. Bonding with your Self at different levels of consciousness or with another being, it changes you. You become more than you were. But I have no interest in going through the trouble and drama of changing my birth name. What would that serve? Nothing but trouble and drama!

2014 will be the culmination for many of the work we have done over the years and of the releasing and changes that we have been making. This is the year that we will have to hang on to our seats as that roller coaster we got on takes off and plunges into the abyss. We don’t yet know what is in the abyss, but we will surely find out soon. Don’t give up yet. I admit that I almost did, and while I do not want to hang on to wants, dreams, and a belief system, I also know that my gut never lies. And even if I could not communicate with my higher self or my guides, my gut tells me that we are so very close to the fireworks of change that we have no idea.

My ending thoughts for today are to take the time to be ok with your self. Cast off the burdens of wanting for the future, and just enjoy the now. Take an inventory and see how and where you have grown. And if you find yourself in the midst of a challenge, take a page from my daughter’s karate center. When the kids there are faced with a challenge, instead of moaning and groaning, they shout Bring It On! We always have the choice of moaning and groaning, but isn’t meeting that challenge with gusto a little more fun?

I can already feel the energy from me to you reaching out. Energy that I have kept at bay for a long time (another article!). In turn, I can feel the reconnections taking place within my Self as well. Have we all come full circle? Maybe. Bring it on!



**You may share this in its entirety. Please attribute it to http://www.bluestarhome.net. Copyright 2014, Nicole Canter.

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