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Joelle’s Watcher Series Update – January 22, 2014

Watcher Series Updates

Greetings: Ground Crew, Starseeds, and Awakened Beings.

We have recently journeyed through an amazing experience of waking up and coming into fully conscious beings.  Now not everyone has come out of their fog, but it will be soon enough that all will be enlightened with connecting to all that there is in the universe.   For some it has happened already.

So many of you are wondering what’s up on the planet and where are we going next.  I don’t want to seem flippant, but I am not worried about our final outcome of what transpires in the next few months.  I have been told by the Galactic Federation and I have been given the valid science information backing what they told me to share.  This event took place a few years ago and how it is affecting our weather now and very near future.  I was asked to share it with all of you.  By now all of us should be past the FEAR mechanism hopefully.  Just know we will be taken care of by our Star Families that they are here in their Starships just hovering above the earth in their cloaked posture.  They have been there for quite a while.

Times seem very hard for many of the Earth’s people and living conditions via weather and or economic conditions seem dim, but be assured something is going to happen soon.  This is all I can tell you at this moment in time but I want to share what is coming our way.  It is not meant to put fear into your mind or cause panic.  Just know that everything is under Galactic Federation observations and they have will be dealing with the problem directly as to how to resolve what is coming.

What’s coming Our Way:

The “Update” this week is about your weather and how it has made it extremely difficult to maintain normalcy anywhere in the world.  Your governments do not want you to be privy to what is really happening to your lovely planet earth.  I am braved with informing you that not very long ago in your mid-year of 2010 the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico was so large and the impact so severe that the immediate months, years after the initial impact, The residual oil, millions of gallons and most of it possibly still sitting in the Gulf of Mexico has done its share of causing the Gulf Stream to impede its normal movement of flow and direction of warm water currents and cold water currents.  It is so profound to describe, let alone understand how this particular ecological disaster event impacted your weather via changes in the Gulf Stream and the Jet Stream.  Many of you are not aware of the major outcomes of the extreme adverse conditions for which have upset the critical balance in the water temperatures of the Gulf Stream and the air temperatures of the Jet Stream. Then and currently they both flow irregularly ever since the Oil Spill happened.  Both the Gulf Stream and the Jet Stream systems work in unison with each other creating a balance of mild weather for Europe in winter time and Well it’s obvious what’s happening in the United States as far as Polar Winters unheard of since the last Mini Ice Age of 1350 and 1850.  Do not be surprised if this is bigger and lasts longer.

One thing I need to mention, it’s too late to play the “Blame Game”.  It happened and sobeit, we are on the verge of a man-made “Mini Ice Age”.  What this means is that it is a matter of time before people start noticing that winters are getting very severe and lasting longer seasonally than any other time in our lifetimes.  Spring, summer, and fall have altered in their natural juncture of where they sit in as normal seasons.  Many parts of the United States and other countries are experiencing flooding, droughts, high winds, fires, tornadoes, extreme lightening storms and category 5 hurricanes.  Now I am not saying the Gulf of Mexico incident caused all of this by reshaping the weather, but I am saying that the past 3 or 4 years the weather has been so extreme it would be futile to excuse or deny that something is indeed wrong.  If you want to know more about what is actually happening , Take a look at this video: by Lord Stirling.


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