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Message from Joelle of the Galactic Federation of Light – January 19, 2014

Joelle of the Galactic Federation of Light


Dated: Jan. 19, 2014




I am here to make a few announcements for the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, and the many Ascended Masters that have spent eons to help with the evolutionary process on the earth of the many


Some of you know me as Watcher Joelle, but I am known as Commander Joelle of the New Jerusalem Star Ship of the Galactic Federation of Light.  I am one of many commanders that you have been in constant contact with for quite some years.  There is no one entity from the universe that is in charge of the ascension process now going on here on your Earth.  There are countless Ground Crew members such as myself who have come at this momentous time to participate in the most exciting aspects of finally seeing the Light at the End of the Tunnel.  The Ashtar Command, The Galactic Federation, and the High Council of Orion work simultaneously do ensure that the Event happens.  How it happens, seems to have taken on many shapes in discussion.  I am not here to explain how it will happen, only that The Event has begun.  The Funds will be released in the next few weeks.


What is the Event: 


I have been given the responsibility of announcing the new Currency Fund that will be backed by 100 % Gold and it will take over the old monetary system of coin and paper money that is worthless on your planet Earth.  Well to a point it is worthless because when you buy something, you are actually paying way far more for an item because your money exchange is worth far less than what you as a human get paid in equity for your “Slave” job.  I know we have been waiting a long time for this announcement, and for it to actually have the Event take place.


First of all this is not a Prosperity Fund but rather a Fund that was set up by various Universal Beings, Ascended Masters, and star systems that had supported colonies eons ago here on earth.  The Currency fund will be dispensed to all humanity.  The Currency fund originated as a Super Fund many thousands of years ago as a repository set up by  that can only be traded for precious metals when it matures.  The time has come presently or (NOW) for which the Fund will be released.  The Fund is backed by the precious metal called Gold. 


I just want you all to know that I am just as surprised as all of you that the Fund existed.  There is no other name the Fund will go by other than the currency Fund.  I do not have any other details to how it will be distributed but I was told by several Ascended Masters it is about to happen and Lord Melchizedek said it would be soon.


The Watcher Joelle  

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