Sep 08

My Day With Max the Crystal Skull

Hello everyone!

I had the pleasure yesterday of spending the day with a group of nice people and Max the Crystal Skull. Debra Murat-Morris hosted Joann Park and Max at her home in Prospect, TN for the weekend. I wasn’t able to go the entire weekend, but arrived around 10am on Saturday and left over 12 hours later high on the great vibrations. In fact, I have a hangover of sorts today I was buzzing so much!

The group was mostly local to Huntsville,  AL, with a few from other areas, and it was a very nice group. If anyone local is reading, I very much enjoyed meeting Tonja and her mother and dog Dixie, and seeing Jackie, and the nice fellow from the Light of Christ Center. Add to that list Linda Marshall ( who did the energy work on me, and Sabrina Faer. Others I can’t remember your names but would definitely remember your energy if I meet you again!

Also let me stop and say what a joy Joann Park is. She was the nicest lady, and so friendly! If you ever get a chance to meet her, make sure you do. I forgot to say goodbye and wished I had. It was late, and I had to get started with my 1.5 hour drive home but she was so nice and friendly! Deb Morris was great too. She was just who I needed to meet at this point in my journey, and I thank her again for her hospitality and her friendship!

Now Max…I did not know what to expect. Deb told me that Max worked in his own way. Some people have an immediate experience while others he just activates and you notice it a bit later. Well I always wish for the big bang…and of course I did not get that but I did get surges of energy through my hands, and a lot of insights. After the first 30 minutes with him he urged me to ask Deb to channel…well she didn’t exactly channel but she told me what I needed to hear and so it was perfect! I had already talked to Max somewhat in my own way, but this was something I needed right then, so it was perfect. I felt as if I had known Max all of my lives, and something Joann said later in her lecture indicated that maybe we all do. He represents the collective AND the individual, as do all of the crystal skulls. And I did get one of Max’s little buddies, a little nnuumite skull with an elongated head (think Egypt and Maya) who Max said was named Quintara. By the way, I’ve not yet heard of nnuumite but Joann said it was mined in Greenland and it sounded fabulous, and this guy drew me to him. I will take pictures of him later. Right now he’s enjoying my altar. Anyway, Max said Quintara’s name symbolizes the 5th dimension (Quint) and when I looked up that name, the first hits on Google were for DNA sequencing. **Smile**

I neglected to remember to snap a photo of Max during my session, but my daughter got him once they brought him out for the talk. Sorry, we are not good photographers and there is a lighted table beneath him, but you can see the different types of quartz he is made of. You should Google that – it was fascinating. He did tell me that I am many – and he meant that in direct relation to his multiple quartz compounds, and then also consciousnesses.

Max the Crystal Skull

Max the Crystal Skull

We rounded off the night (or at least I did – they were still rolling at 10:45p!) with a wonderful shamanic drum circle led by Valerie Two Hawks ( and assisted by Sabrina Faer. Another person whom you may all know, Mary Thunder, arrived just before as she is going to be speaking in Huntsville at the Light of Christ Center on Monday evening. I didn’t get to meet Mary Thunder, but she was received gladly by others and Joann was glad to see her. Unfortunately I’ll have to miss her on Monday as I have more important plans – my daughter graduates to her yellow belt in karate (smiling again). A bummer, but I guess I’m just saying it was a very special event and everyone there was in high energy spirits.

Thank you for letting me share. Blessings!
Anna (and for everyone at the event, Nicole, which is still this body’s name!)


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