Apr 25

Let Go of the Fear!

Yesterday I posted an article from Saint Germain that was channeled through someone I know well. Before someone asks, SG did not want the focus on the channel but on his message, and so asked her to remain anonymous. I respect that. But anyway, today I read a couple of comments about how someone wasn’t buying into the fear, and that earth changes will not happen. Well I’ve been thinking about that this morning and my own higher self nudged me to write this down.


First let me state that everyone has a responsibility to communicate that which is truth and not a lie, and to not incite fear just for the sake of it. There are certainly fear mongers out there. Just look at the news media and some of the stuff they have published! In some cases you cannot even find truth in the fear-based stories that are out there today. But we already know that stuff is out there, and we know to ask our guides questions about information we read and use discernment – right? This is all rhetorical of course, and a reminder. Of course if we are in balance and responsible to our Selves and others, we do these things.


So this morning I could not stop thinking about the comments, and I wondered why. I had to do an ego check – did this offend me in some way? No, it was not offensive. Am I unable to allow someone else an opinion? No, that wasn’t it either. Well what was it? I kept asking my higher self. I do these checks any time something doesn’t sit well with me but the reason isn’t apparant. I need to make sure that I am acting and thinking responsibly and that I am within integrity.


I was actually having an early lunch when it hit me. I think someone in my work space actually said a key word and the whole thing just flooded in. I love when I get information that way. Encoded words and images are the best because they are so clear. The answer was fear – the comments were in fear. They protested against not buying into fear, but the comments were pure fear.


There are many things that are unpleasant to know, or perhaps just inconvenient to our lives to know. Sometimes knowledge is a burden. Having any knowledge at all comes with responsibility which is so vast it would be an entire article to write about. The point is, if it is truth, then don’t you want to know it? Don’t you want the chance to know it?


The real story here is about being emotionally balanced, and clear enough of fear-based programming that you are able to allow and embrace whatever the Creator and the Universe has in store for you without being afraid. I think some may call this letting go and letting god. You can apply this to anything and everything in your life.  Easier said than done eh? Yes, I know this first hand. I am trained in emotional clearing and have done extensive work on myself. Fifteen years ago, I was a very fearful person and I exhibited most of the character traits of a fearful person. Today, I am at peace and balanced. At least I feel that way, but hey, no one is perfect!


If earth changes come our way, it will be exciting and terrible at the same time. I do not want to see loss of life, suffering, etc. I also am just moving into a new home – the first one I have ever built and designed myself – in 5 days from now. It is to be my sanctuary, my safe haven from the world, my home base. My family will live there the rest of our lives if “nothing changes.” After leaving a chaotic homestead behind to get to this, it will be both sad and a terrible inconvenience after my move to tranquility. I have been working towards this peace for the last year! But who am I to do anything other than go with the flow? This is not my show. I just came here to watch, and at times be an active audience member.


Dear friends, whatever happens today or in our future, we do not have a choice in whether some events are happy or sad, or in some cases whether or not there is what we call destruction. We DO however, have a choice in how we react and deal with whatever occurs. Our reaction can be reality changing, even though it sounds like a conflict of concept. Now is the time for you to not only seek the truth, but work on any fear that comes up when you confront it. There are many tools out there, free and for charge, that you can use. There are many communities that are support groups for emotional clearing and reprogramming the emotional body. Many of us trained for our “jobs” so that we can help those who need the help – it’s what we do. You are not alone!


And that is how I want to end this article. One of my favorite songs, by Creed I think, says “We may rise and fall, but in the end, we meet our fate together.” The song is called One, and it reminds me that we are in this together. I am not here today to tell you to believe what Saint Germain has said. I am here to tell you that I am willing to be there for you, and that you have my compassion, if the information makes you afraid.




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