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The Galactic Federation of Light By St. Germain 4/23/2013

The Galactic Federation of Light


By St. Germain 4/23/2013


The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived.  Many of you have no idea what is in store for your near future.  The Galactic Federation of Light is an organization of vast many universal beings from the many habitable planets found within the boundless universe(s).  There are many dimensions for which the Galactic Federation of Light performs it duties to make sure the universe is safe and regulated from the possibility of extragalactic war(s), volatile planet polar shifts that displace land masses for which either disappear complete or change its shape and position.  The Galactic Federation takes care of the refugee populations of its Galactic Family by helping with the survival of humanity whether here or any other planet that is in its final stages of transformation.  Since your Earth has entered the 5thDimension, we who make up the Galactic Federation of many planets and solar systems  are here to take our Galactic Family home or to a place that is safe for the time being.


Many of you do not know that your planet and your Solar System is at risk from Solar Flares and CME’s flowing off the Sun.  And although many of your peoples have busied their lives wrapped around material world expectations for survival, there are some things that are far more menacing than people realize or even anticipate.  The survival of your species of humanoids has more to do with your planet which was seeded several times over many thousands of years.  And like before, you Earth has gone through several historic natural polar shifts which changes the face of the planet as well as where the North and South Poles end up residing.  The movie 2012 may be a bit fast moving and unpredictably end of times.  The difference being that up until now all those volcanoes and earthquakes, as well as the super storms are precursors for something that is going happen in the very near future.


Eons before your time, there were other periods of destruction that included, enormous storms such as massive hurricanes, momentous snowstorms, and tornadoes.  There were also planet crust movements that create earthquakes,  volcano eruptions, plate movements under the ocean unseen.  The point is the Sun is responsible for all of these conditions.  For those of you following the Suns CME and Solar Flare activity, you have noticed there are correlations between the Suns Proton activity either CME or Solar Flare creating two different kinds of destruction.  One which involves weather conditions and the other more of a physical earth movement from within.  Both the abnormalities earth displacements and severe weather conditions are  caused by the Sun’s activities that fall in a range of 11 year cycles so it appears but with one difference.  Every so often there is a major Sun Cycle that is put into a calendar such as your Maya long count calendar that depicts such and “End of Times” scenario.  What you need to understand is that every 5000 or so years there is an catastrophe event that is much like a deluge.  Your history speaks of one deluge but in fact there were two that were written in your historical records, although most historians placate the deluge event as being only a single event rather than the actual two deluge events .




What I am about to tell you is something your Elitists of your Earth have known for eons of your time and never cared to share it with the slave populations.  Passed down from generation through generation the idea that the time was coming whereby cities would be built underground will have to be secure for the destruction that is to come when the Sun goes through its Wild Cycle and the Earth scabs to release its negative energies.  It is not only the planet Earth itself that releases the negative energy but the many people who exhibit negative behavior out of fear, anger, hate, and jealousy to mention a few.  These people who seem to be out of control in your cities and towns, people who kill,  terrorize others, and cause destruction are affected by the Suns immense power to unleash positive protons that seem to attach themselves to the negative vibration of a few humans who cannot tolerate the affliction of positive and negative polarities bombarding each other for control.  These few people cause senseless acts of destruction to others via extremism or shock and awe.  Perhaps they don’t even realize they are doing it, but be assured many highly developed spiritual people are aware that the fanaticism deeds has more to do with the negative polarity the person exhibits in their behavior.  Extremism is not just behavior but rather a mentality caused by irritation from an unseen force.  Just because you can’t see positive protons with the naked eye doesn’t mean they are not there.  They have a lot to do with the aurora borealis which you can see and is responsible for the beautiful colors lingering in the night’s sky.  How can something make the sky look so beautiful but make some humans act out in ugliness towards others.  It has to do with the positive protons “Energy” which is interacting with negative energy.  The final result can be seen all over the world in ruthless acts of unkindness towards other human beings.


Getting back to why the Galactic Federation of light starships are hovering up above over your Earth.  The time has come whereby the earthquakes are getting steadily worse and more frequent than they were in 2011 and 2012.  This site below has been giving a play by play of the earthquake and volcano activity around the world for a few years now.  The significance is the consistency of the Sun casting off large Solar Flares and CME’s in the past few months whereby they are affecting the weather and the physical regularity of the Earths plates and the polar shift is actually taking place, although not to many scientists are speaking up about it.  It is important to bear in mind that the time is getting critical for evacuation.  Now the underground cities will take the Elitists and their capability to buy their way in comfortably.  But the masses of the slave or working populations will not be afforded the same accommodations.  There is no room for most of the Earths populations.  So you have two options; (1) Stick it out and hope you survive in the end. Or (2) Plan on taking a space shuttle up to one of the Galactic Federation Lightships.  I think for most of you who have been doing your homework in your awakened status, will pick this option.  Don’t be surprised if you have loved ones or family members who won’t go with you.




Where will we be taking you once you board the ships?  This will be the by far the biggest question.  So to make it quite to the point, many of you will be going soon in the summer/fall 2013.  You will stay onboard the motherships and some of the smaller ships that will accommodate a few Million but we see Billions of you that will come aboard. Approximately 1/3 or 1/2 of the Earth’s population will stay onboard the ships hovering above the Earth for two years of your Earth time.  That is what you will feel time wise but the reality it will be 1000 years into your future when you will be allowed to reenter Earth “Terra” 5 D back on the ground.  I will leave the rest up to your imagination but the time you are on the ship most of you will learn new ways to live and be comfortable when you return to your new living situations on Terra.


There is an E-book on line located www.2013chronicles.info that will open your eyes to what it will be like when you return to your new Earth with a new name- Terra.  You will have 28 Earth years to acclimate yourselves to your new environment and connect to your higher self aspect as a Galactic human in the 5 D.  At which time the Galactic Federation of Light will leave Terra and it’s people to live freely without government interference and wars by Elitists of the Earth before.  Humanity will have passed the gateway of evolution into a new time of freedom.


Although your governments refuse to acknowledge to its people that we the Galactic Federation are here above hovering above your Earth, we will be entering your airspace soon to take those of you who want to come and wait it out until it is safe to return to your planet.  All of you have been contacted in dreamstate and have made your decisions to either stay or leave.  No one will be forced to leave, but please be prepared for the time when we notify you in your sleep that we will be there very soon.  You will know where to go and what to do.


We will not report the doom and gloom of what will happen to the earth because like humanity in her evolution Gaia too must make the necessary changes to scab off the old and make way for the new.  The process does not have to be agonizing for anyone to comprehend.  The world will change into a beautiful place like it once was when you return.  Some of you will not remember the past but will look forward to a glorious future on Terra.



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