Apr 21

I Want To OBE by June Stephansen

I want to OBE

By June Stephansen

Many people are experiencing phenomena called the “Out of Body Experience”.  It seems that the occurrence in the 5 D has taken off to a running start because several individuals who are OBEing are recognizing the experience in “Mid Sleep State Cycle” or the awakened state of sleeping watching themselves from above and looking down on a sleeping person that looks very much like themselves laying in their bed below.

This phenomenon of OBEing is nothing new because quite a few people have access and who are spiritually awakened have processed the capability over the years previously and honed in on the sport.  It is only until now whereby many people are accessing the codes to activate the OBE capability or capacity and looking for more knowledge on how to perfect the capability in a short period of time.

What does this all mean exactly?  Well it means that for a few years some humans were able to access the etheric via Zero Point Zone for which access to the other timelines or planes of existence used to be off limits to carbon based DNA or old DNA humans.  With the result of the upgraded DNA changes into a Crystalline based type of DNA … one can access many places on this world, the universe and other timelines as well as dimensions without leaving one’s bed.

How to get started has more to do with receiving the Shamballa 1024 and the Light Frequencies.  Yes there are other ways too.  You could take a class on Remote Viewing that costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars or you could contact someone who has these codes to download pretty much like Reiki symbols but done over the phone or long distance healing while you sleep at night.

The most important aspect of OBEing is to traverse in a curved line.  This too has to do with activation codes that are downloaded into a human’s Crown Chakra via a human that can transfer the specified codes.

One other thing that a lot of humans are doing when OBEing is they inadvertently open up Vortexes in their home.  The “Grand Central Station” effect then takes over and a stream of entities from the universe come and go from your home.  Many people are aware that they have diversity of creatures coming in from the universe or non-terrestrial types that illegally use your home as an exit and entrance to and from the earth 5 D dimension.  Some of these people who have created the Vortexes travel in “Straight Lines” and this causes you to be followed by the Reptilian types of creatures.  If you are to avoid detection as a OBEing traveler, you need to protect yourself with the “Curving Code”.  The “Curving Codes” can be found in the book: The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean written by Doreal.  Each Chapter has to be read slowly or one chapter a night until the entire book is finished.  When reading the book, you have to submerge yourself into the conception of the words as totally immersed into the knowledge whether you understand it or not.  Your Soul consciousness or higher self aspect will understand all and will be coded with the symbols unseen by the naked eye.

For those of you who want the activations faster than reading the book, you can contact a Wingmaker or Watcher … www.2013chronicles.info to get more information, write a question about OBEing and a reply will be acknowledged within a day.

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