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Paralysis During Dreamstate/Sleeping

Paralysis During Dreamstate/Sleeping

By June Stephansen

The subject of “Paralysis” has come up in various conversations over the years and no one had been able to clearly define why it happens to many awakened spiritual people, including the advance teachers, warriors and healers for whom often find themselves waking up to not being able to move their body.  We call this “Paralysis”.

I have been contacted by a few people that have been sent to me by their guides or other likeminded spiritual people to try and resolve a repeated problem.  First of all, we need to define what it is that is really going on for this to even happen to one of you out there trying to figure out why and there is nothing on the NET to describe this type of abnormality of “Paralysis” which happens when you wake up either out of a dream or going into dreamstate and it feels like you are being held down against your will.  For many of you, it is downright scary.  Some of you have experienced this “Paralysis” a number of times. 

The best way I can describe what has been happening too many of you is to give examples.  I first ran into these phenomena kind of situations a few years back when I was contacted by a young person in his early twenties.  Anyway, he asked if I could fix a problem.  To get into it, I had to write explicitly “What happened when you OBEed?”  The person wrote back something from the other side of the veil followed him back to his bed when he was in sleep state.  He also said he was sexually abused by the same entity he described as a Reptilian.  It would not leave him alone for weeks.  This young man contacted me and he asked if I could help.  I told him it would cost him his OBEing ability if he wanted it to stop.  He agreed out of desperation.  So I changed his merkaba settings so he could no longer OBE.  Then my guide Joelle immediately proceeded to keep watch at the young man’s bedroom for a Vortex to open up and sure enough a Reptilian came into his bedroom.  Well Joelle brought the entity Reptilian back to me and I got rid of it.  Joelle proceeded to shut the Vortex down.  The young man was kind of angry with me because he could not OBE anymore.  He asked me to turn it back on.  I refused to put him back “On-Line” for his own good.

Now this is where the “Vortex” ideology takes shape.  Many of you OBE’ers and or Remote Viewers may not understand or know that when you OBE in a straight line … which is how many of you have been doing the Out of Body experience for years.  Well if some Dark Entity on the other-side of the veil follows you back they automatically want to calibrate the coordinates with a “Key” to exit and enter on demand.  They cannot get here without one of you OBE’ers opening a gateway to this dimension which is currently called the 5 D or 5th dimension.  Many people are not even aware that they have provided an entrance not unlike “Grand Central Station” within their home.  The point is, the Dark Entities are the ones that use this access way.  It’s a Free Will thing and they violate your Free Will every time they use the Vortex in your home.  Many of you may not know this but implants to keep you from coming and going via the OBE is one of the ways to keep you in your bed.  Most of you are experienced enough to know when you have an implant or two, know enough to have it removed right away.  This will commence your ability to OBE again and the Reptilians don’t like it.  They don’t want you out there on their turf in their dimension but it is okay for them to come into our dimension and cause havoc.

Now that I might have scared you into knowing some truths about why the “Paralysis”, let’s get to the point of it happening to you once or twice.  The Reptilians are the ones doing the “Paralysis”.  Like I said if they know that the implants can be removed or had been removed and you’re going out into the etheric fields of the many dimension beyond the 5 D, the Reptilians are keeping a short leash on you and they will make you suffer some kind of indignity.  Paralysis is the Reptilians holding you down so that the Soul cannot leave the body and traverse into the many dimensions.  They are having a hard time controlling you people who do OBE on a regular basis. 

I have been contacted by several people who need assistance of getting rid of the implants and or Vortex that is within their home.  It’s not unusual for me to shut the Vortexes down completely.  But the traffic of the many exiting Dark Entities find they have no way to leave and they come looking for me because I leave an etheric blueprint as to “Who done it”.  Before you know it … they show up at my house and a battle begins into the early morning hours because that is the time they want to exit or entrant into our dimension.

So I hope this information helps all of you who seem to be desperate in fixing a problem that you inherently caused in the first place.  In many ways it is not your fault.  Hardly anyone is taught to traverse the dimensions in a “Curved line”.  I personally learned how to do this by accessing the “Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean” by Doreal and not too many people know the words of where to find the meaning of “Traveling in Curves”.  When reading the Emerald Tablets, one must read only one chapter per night progressively. 

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