Feb 19

Portals and New Beginnings

As I sit here drinking yet another cup of coffee this morning, I was drawn to write about the most important topic of portals. This isn’t an article so I will just write as it comes and as asked. I’ve already tried to call the topic a “subject” but was quickly corrected as I wasn’t able to even correctly type the word!

That in and of itself is important, because words themselves can be portals. They are portals to understandings, doorways to knowledge. If I tell you something, you use that to step into a doorway and go down a path. If later you find that I have led you down the wrong path, or perhaps your lack of understanding, then you have to turn around and find the right doorway to understanding. Honestly, I have never thought of words as portals before but indeed they are.

When you look up the definition of both subject and topic, you will see why I was told to use one and not the other. I like to use http://www.m-w.com but you can use any dictionary that you like. While you are there go ahead and look up portal and you will also see why it is more appropriate than door or doorway.

Speaking of which, I am building a new home to house my expanded family (my mother moved in last fall), and they have installed two portals incorrectly so far. That is how I found myself on this journey of portals and such. And it is funny that both of the portals are decorative portals (i.e., grand as noted in the definition) and are symbolic in and of themselves. First, the front door is the main entrance of a home. They installed a Cadence door, when it should have been a Jacinto. I know what a Cadence means, but had no idea what Jacinto was. Apparently the closest is San Jacinto Day, when Texas won independence from Mexico. So my main portal will symbolize independence being won. I like that! Well, it will when they fix it.

The second incorrect portal was the fireplace. This, of course, brings to mind the way they were used in Harry Potter as portals to and from other places, and of communication. Well mine was supposed to be raised (vibrationally? I hope so!)  with a stone surround, and when we saw it flush with the ground we knew it was not correct. Also, the elements are at play here – earth (stone) and fire, and of course air. Perhaps my own body is water, since we are 70% such. Otherwise, I will be very near a river (literally hundreds of feet), so perhaps that is the 4th element. The more I explore this, the better it gets!

For me, this is my endeavor to get the right doorways – portals – that I need to move forward. Homes and home building are also symbolic, as is the name of my home plan, the Providence. Well I need some providence! I can only hope that this providence will allow me to actually find the keys to use these particular portals.

I am finished with what wanted to flow out of me today, but now I see more clearly how we are in the midst of great change, growth, and how portals are among us. All of us – you included. Look for them – they are there!



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