Feb 04

Making a Joyful Noise!

I am hearing the most wonderful things today. Kem told me to entitle this post, Making a Joyful Noise. We’ve probably all heard that many times and thought it had to do with singing or something. Well I just found out what it means. I am vibrating at the rate of JOY. It feels strange yet good. Probably strange because I have not vibrated in joy this purely before. You would have thought I had…birth of my child, my marriage, etc. etc. but nope, not this vibration. Perhaps it’s the new 5D grid that is allowing for this more PURE vibration. He did say it was pure.

I started the day thinking of that Jupiter going direct thing, and burdens being lifted. Let me share with you – perhaps you are “moving” as well or if not, this will give you the faith you need to go on that things WILL move. They will…they are!
I was told this morning to eat 3 pieces of toast with some local honey I have and organic cinnamon. I really didn’t want the cinammon, but I ate it anyway since he asked me to. Cinnamon is for the voice…in this case the voice of my frequency. It sure came through after that!
So I was writing to someone about the wonderous things I’ve seen since Jupiter went direct and released the kraken. ha ha! I am sort of corny and so I find the humor in that. It’s a good kraken in this case. The day I read that it went direct, 1/29/13, I read that someone I knew died. Now this is not cause for celebration, but I saw the sign post reading that a chapter of my life was about to close. Energetically, it was the first stone being moved in a big burden I have carried for some time. And this person who died, bless their soul, wasn’t a great person. Didn’t care about herself, or about others. The last time I spoke with her, I hoped I never would or see her again because the energy was so distasteful. And when I saw her obituary, I thought good riddance. Not in a negative way, nor in a positive way. Just in a way as if “it is done.” Whatever karma she created was at last hers to reap.
I know, and odd thing to start off letting go of your burdens, but it was true. Next came another piece of that same puzzle. Now, this is from my past…my “old life” that was sort of an interim after becoming awakened and responsible for many of the trials and tribulations that came in the midst of that. Has to do with my mother – THE MOTHER/THE FEMININE – whom is now in my care. This long-term bunch of stuff destroyed her. Yes, she played her role but not having the same tool bag that I do, it destroyed her. Read: Destroyed The Feminine Mother. Very symbolic!
So the next piece was on Friday I got a call from my real estate agent. She is selling my home, but my mother had a piece of land – a vacant home lot – that we have been trying to get rid of. Was part of the whole burden mentioned above. And we got an offer – and they want to close on 2/15! And I was thinking…wow…burden lifted! I can move on, start fresh! It was like an energetic enema washing all of the nasty poop away from my soul! Woo hoo!
Keep in mind it wasn’t the best offer, but this isn’t about the money. It’s about closure so that I can move on! When I say “I” yes I include my mother. She is in my care now, as she is not completely well, and so I am her proxy. But trust me – this has been my burden more than hers because I see the situations for what they are down deep, and not just “those people did this to me.” This is HUGE!
And then this morning, I had another burden lifted. For several years, during my whole training and awakening and everything process, I have known I was not a physical healer and yet I have a monad who is. So I assumed that one day I would need to do this in earnest, and it was a source of angst for me because it just wasn’t happening. I will spare you the details, but I found out this morning that my “thing” is emotional healing. Well duh! I knew that already, way back from my Nibiruan Council days! (Thanks Jelaila Starr for the training!). So why did I carry this burden of not being good enough? You would think I’d practice what I preach and just do what I do well and let it be. For some reason, now I can do that!  Yeah, just NOW, now I can do that.
If I sound corny like someone who has just fallen in love and has had my vibration rate soar, well I am in a very lifted vibration. And I am very joyful, moreso than I have ever felt. It is strange, but pleasant. And I expect my world to generally reflect that. Hopefully those that don’t reflect it will be able to absorb some of my joy. I am certainly willing to give them some if they want it! (and I should note…instead of joy I wrote job…seems symbolic!)
Much love and joy today,

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