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The Watcher Series – 2013-1

The Watcher Series – 2013-1


The Year for Living Dangerously


Beginning a life of a Watcher starts with basics- Wearing Black!  A Watcher is someone who works behind the scenes of the “Galactic Curtain” known as a veil that hides the 5 D Matrix of Earth from the etheric world of the vast many dimensions and planes of existence.  Watchers are the “Judge and Jury” of maintaining an Equity and Balance among humanity when it exists in the higher 5th dimensional plane of planet Earth.  The Date of the Celestialhomecoming, the welcoming into the universe- December 21st, 2012 when the Earth came into the alignment of the Galactic Plane of the 5th Dimension.  It was this date in time that the Galactic Federation of Light authentically took over jurisdiction of the Earth.  By no means do they take complete authority but rather allow the Starseeds of the planet that were born on Earth to enforce “Balance and Equity” among it inhabitants. 


“Equity and Balance” has not been a shared reality on Earth in eons but that is about to change.  Every human being will have to opportunity to play on the same level playing field of opportunity.  You are probably wondering what that all means for you?  Simply all those Elitists in the world that violate human dignity by cheating their way into vast sums of money and material will have their “Magic gifts” removed via “Neutralization”.  Those high profile people you read about everyday on the NET News and News Media who debunk the system and amass great fortunes by taking advantage of less fortunate people, most of humanity who do not have this very same “Magic” or gifts to make fortunes at someone else’s loss.



“Elitist Magic”


What is the “Elitist Magic” anyway?  It is an unseen power from the other-side of the veil, which parasitic beings “Archons” or reptilians (other parasitic) entities whom contributes or heightens a humans ability to gain or achieve notoriety and wealth as a controller of a minion with power.  These types of manipulation by parasitic entities have controlled society from behind a veil since the times of the ANU, for countless of salve humans or humanity cannot see and do have the fear mechanism to not want to understand or go there in the mind!  There are some humans that you all have known at one time in your life that possessed the power to see things.  Many little children who have not been immediately adulterated into the social rehabilitation or tainted behavior that is administrated from a level unseen.  Yet the on start of private and public education systems are contaminated with such unseen forces from other dimensions unseen, that a structure based on education and hierarchy position in life.  At an early age children are indoctrinated and trained to behavioral instincts inline of being a conniver.   I am talking about behavior of a manipulator, plotter, schemer, and even deceiver.  The behavior is negative conditioning by our overlords of society as we know it today.  Making and telling people that it is alright to be devious and bad-  Then pleasantly told to go to church and redeem yourself/themselves, but start the behavior all over again on Monday.  The point is the ruse is up!



The Watchers have been given the task of informally making the odds even. 


If someone is cheating or using an ability far beyond human capabilities and no mortal human can see the truth in it, a Watcher can!  As to whom has been affected has more to do with “publically renown people” or people in the news.  The rich and famous politicians, actors and actresses, sports or professional players of various kinds and even vicious CEO’s.  For now onward, “Turn-about is Fair Play” or for those of you who would rather have it spelled out for you; “It is fair for one to suffer whatever one has caused others to suffer”.  Tiger Woods is one of these players who won every tournament and now loosing pretty much every tournament because he was “Neutralized”.  Kim Kardashian an actress known for flaunting it all … Well now she has a “Big Ass” to flaunt and it will get even bigger as 2013 continues to reveal what needs to be seen for real!  The GOP in the House of Representatives have all been “Neutralized” … “Neutered” … No more power base- Dead in the water!  Looking pretty silly as non-achievers’ getting paid big bucks to do nothing.  And soon the CEO’s of Corporations will be taking a “Self-Serving Power” hit as well.  It has begun.  Those who flaunt their “Wickedness” will receive the honors of losing their power.  Again; It is fair for one to suffer whatever one has caused others to suffer”.  Equity and Balance will be initiated each time it is blasted in the news who did what to whom (how many).  Call it a Chess Game if you will.  The self-serving “Wicked” players will be taken off the board game and have to live with just being mortal once again.



Who are the Watchers?             


If you think anything of your life, you would want to protect your very existence by being less visible.  Watchers are trained for approximately 6 years on how to protect themselves and be invisible pretty much at all times.  It may sound sort of “Magical” being able to walk among the people and never really be seen or known much less “Realized”, but the fact of the matter is when a Watcher needs to be seen, they are seen.  “Cloaking” is an self-protective stance when one does not want to be seen or noticed in a crowd of many people at any given time of day or night.


Watchers are “Messengers of God”.  They do what is asked unselfishly to create a fair world for all humanity to live in “Equity and Balance”.  A Watcher lives a humble life.  All Watchers have been to the “Mystery Schools” and had obtained the Wisdom and the Magic of their forbearers.  There is not much you can get past a Watcher.  They are psychic and intuitive and Their souls have reincarnated here on Earth as administrators to the Galactic Federation of Light but in service to the Creator and AA Michael.  A sort of new generation Knights Templar of today’s Light.  They are in service to the planet and all humanity, plants and animals.  They have an obligation to uphold universal law of “Free Will” society all over the world.  When you see the impossible happen; think Watchers!



The Magic of Cloaking             


The “Magic of Cloaking” is a delightful sense of an unimaginable reality.  The power to cloak undercuts the power to be noticed or being out there and being seen by everyone.  The mindset involved in “Cloaking” is that you really don’t want people to notice you or even know that you exist.  The mind of a Watcher is on a higher dimensional level of surprising truth and awareness.  What is the point of having this capability if you cannot hide its very existence.  People who are “Enlightened” notice a Watcher but they don’t quite know what they are looking at.  They stare in wonder but feel that they know you intrinsically but can’t put their finger on what they are seeing.       


Cloaking” is done by wearing Black or White … colorless dressing is the “Key” to hiding inside the “Colorful Matrix of Life here on Earth” …  “Black or White” is the background vacuum environment that supports the Earth’s Matrix that exists full of vibrant colors that allows for show and to be seen.  To hide is to wear “Black” during the daylight hours and “White” when sleeping.  These two fundamentally basic elements of non-color are neutral and a natural void unseen by all “Parasitic Beings” not of this world.



The Unseen Work of the Watcher


Most of the time when unusual things happen to people in high places or celebrity nature, these elitists seem to fall from grace very quickly when found out.  It is happening more now than ever starting this 2013 year.  At least it is more noticeable that the cheaters and manipulators are being caught red handed with their mischief in plain view.  As soon as an article or news media releases a transcript and it reads as an unfair advantage or manipulation by someone who is in the news, they get  neutralized.  Of course it is checked out by the Galactic Federation first and then it is acted on soon afterwards.  At what extent of neutralization they get has more to do with their mischief they expand or amplify.  Some politicians start looking like idiots that they really are.  Other politicians who they pounded usually get an upliftment into the Light because the balance has to be established.


The best analogy of how the neutralization works was that of the presidential election with Romney vs. Obama for president.  An article was released about 2 or 3 weeks before the presidential election into the news about Black Box Ballot cheating whereby some 20 % of votes in some state county’s that were considered a Demographic advantage to Obama or the Democrats, putting it bluntly Democratic votes were being manipulated into Republican votes, so the article stated.  When it comes to who owns the Black Boxes and how  what software is used: Hart Intercivic is exclusively in the business of manufacturing and programming voting machines or systems.  The same company is affiliated with Romney and his associates for which the company was bought before the election.  The intrinsic  article declaring the information about vote manipulation fraud by Black Box voting machines “Raised Antennas” for the Galactic Federation.  In a few days of reading the article, AA Michael, SG, and several Watchers were actively changing the codes in the machines to revert back to a safe vote audit from a remote location which interpreted the votes changed as being 20 % and that the Galactic Federation manipulated 10 % of the Republican votes to Democrats.  So essentially, the cheating had a lot to do with:    It is fair for one to suffer whatever one has caused others to suffer”.  The point is when those GOPer’s were running around stating the “Election was Stolen” … It was probable truth, but these men knew full well that the Ballot Boxes had been rigged for the GOP advantage beforehand but they simply did not know what went wrong.  Unseen manipulations to create Equity within a Balance.  What goes around comes around full circle.    


St. Germain                      





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