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All I want for Christmas is me…from Joelle of the Galactic Federation of Light, 11th Dimensional Being “Ground Crew”

All I want for Christmas is me…

It’s been many years now since I have done the Christmas thing.  It’s not part of who I am but although many people ask “what are you doing for Christmas”, I continue to say “I don’t do Christmas, well at least not in the way other people do Christmas”.

I feel like the foreigner from a distant planet, and this being very true by trying to fit in a culture that is fascinated with material idealisms and less with the spiritual aspect of self.  What I am saying is when an E.T.’s visiting or being birthed on the Earth; nothing here on this Earth makes any amount of sense to them at all.  You see cultures of other planets in the universe delve into the spiritual truth of balance with nature and harmony of all living things on an anatomic level which is the physical structure of all living things with that of many frequencies of the different dimensions.  And in the various dimensions Light beings demonstrate integrity on different levels when visiting the beautiful planet you call 3 D Earth.  And although the Earth seems volatile at these times of Dec. 21st, 2012 …It is the time of transition for your beautiful Earth and its inhabitance to “Jump” exponentially into a new frequency  of the 5th Dimension.

Winter Solstice December 21st, 2012 – Grand Beginning into the 5 D.

The time of the Winter Solstice of 2012, is the transcending time period of renewal of the old Earth by shedding its skin to make way for the new Terra 5 D to come in.  It’s not just the Earth that goes through these changes, the plants, the animals, and the humans also transmute the old energies of the past which take form into a new structure we call Crystalline DNA or otherwise known as Light DNA made of frequencies.

Everything has to be transmuted in order for the Light Frequencies to take form within your bodies.  For many this will never happen because some humans will not want to transmute their old energy patterns to move into the new Light.  Free Will allows us to accept this but many of you are seeing unstable behavior by many humans around you and all of you are “Touched” by the unsavory acts of violence of innocents and the negative behavior seen as fear, anger, fear of the unknown, distrust, being some of the coded behavior within the human genome.  And happily I must mention that many of you, like me are able to open up your Heart Chakra and release tremendous LOVE energies of Light which is sent out into the upper atmosphere and funneled back to a place on Earth that you think needs it at that very moment you call TIME.

Heart Chakra Code Hidden in the Human Genome

For humanity to evolve or the evolutionary process to make way, some evolved humans have to “Enflame” or arouse the “Upper Chakras” of other humans ready to transmute the old lower chakra system out of existence!  Some call the Kundalini energies or “Snake Energies Rising” methodology of the “Upper Chakra’s” comes into play when all lower vibrational chakras are shut down.   This is the time when the “Heart Chakra” is “Ignited” and sends out the LOVE frequencies into the world.  About one third or half of humanity, those who have made the transition into the higher frequencies can shut down the FEAR code or EGO injected and controlled negative codes which were placed in the human genome many thousands of years ago in a land called Sumer.  As many of you already know, this place many thousands of years ago was ruled and controlled by the Annunaki as a method of controlling slave humans.  Yes all of the human species on the planet were first genetically made in the image of the so called- “Gods” who were really off-worlders looking for a slave force to mine Gold here on Earth because the unprocessed material was readily available but without a workforce would have been impossible to mine.   The Gold in its raw unprocessed form was then taken and priests with alchemic backgrounds could change it into White Powder Gold.  If you wish to know more about the power this element in its magical form can do; read here:  THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE

But what the Annunaki back then failed to understand is the “Light Frequencies” and various symbols downloaded into humanity could change the DNA without the help of white powder gold.  And this Dark initiative of making sure white powder gold would never be available to any slave human as long as they were in power.  The Annunaki have been in power for eons till this day hiding from humanity because they and their offspring are in discuss of humanity and they always have been.  Any human who works for a living is a SLAVE!

By now some of you have taken the time to read above:  THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE.  Many of you are wondering how you have psychic capabilities and wondering why your capabilities are limited.  Unless you expand your consciousness you will remain in a STUCK position has a lot to do with intra-dimensional travel into other verses or timelines to clean up some things that are happening there with your other- Meaning one who is similar to you.  This is done in dreamstate while you sleep.  Accessing via OBEing the other timelines help you clean up the baggage and yourself to move forward into the 5 D or 5th Dimension.  There are many groups of awareness and programs they use to clear the human consciousness …The awareness or awakenings to remember who you were in other timelines and past lives.

The Gnostics, those of the mystery schools are such a group and they have been around way before the time of Jesus.  There is also the Shamballa 1024 which is an ascended master St. Germain related or similar groups that do downloads of symbols and geometry to get the human physiology in shape for the Crystalline DNA.  There are others as well and because no human is the same, the journey for growth and internal change is decided by a guide or the human subject themselves.  The idea is to transmute the Kundalini energies to ignite the fire of the Heart Chakra or the Upper chakra Initiation.  This initiation is that of the PHI or the Golden Mean or Fibonacci numbers of perfection.

I have been told by my Gnostic friend Mario, that to bring the Higher Chakras into alignment, one has to release the Kundalini energies.  And he is right, but like so many people who try to obtain the impossible, getting to this “seed into reality” is tough!  It was at this time I was guided by my higher self to obtain full use of the “Heart Chakra” of the Upper Chakra state of being.  I did not try hard except to not be in ego.  When the higher self is in control, is the one element of obtaining completion or igniting the “Heart Chakra” function.  And you have to be in the right frame of mind, and do what is asked of you.  You give yourself unconditionally and Love unconditionally … That’s right these are the magic words: “Pure at Heart”

The recipe`:

1)     Pure at Heart

2)    The anointing oil that Mary Magdalene used on Jesus to wash his feet was that of the “Argan Oil” or Moroccan Oil

3)    Lemurian Seed Crystal Meditation “2 hours”

4)    Spirit Guide Baths

5)    Waking up to the Kundalini Energies shooting up and out from the Root Chakra up, up, streaming out of the Crown/God/Universal chakras.

6)    The Heart Chakra is activated and after a visit from one of many ascended masters (for me it was Lakshmi), one is activated- Shakti

The recipe ingredients are all inclusive of working with the higher self and your spirit guide.  The end result will only happen if you are “Pure of Heart”.  There is no guarantee that it will happen but if you really pay attention to details and what is asked of you and most importantly your “Intentions” of “being out of EGO” when you pursue the initiation for all the “Right Reasons”.  I myself am sharing my experience based on what happened to me.  It was wonderful and I use the gift to help others open up and release what weighs heavy on their heart.

Many of you are wondering why you cannot remember your souls past history.  Well this too was part of the human genome experiment.  A Soul is eternal or lives on forever.  A human must pass through a series of 100 lifetimes in order to transcend the old human self in order to move up in the evolutionary process of the new galactic being.  Well the time is NOW … and now has been many years in the making.  The reality is humanity in this lifetime has taken on the new roll of shedding its old behaviors and chakra system into a new awakening.  There are some Dark Forces who are trying to stop the evolutionary process from taking place.  For them it is too late.

The awakening was a program that was initiated many thousands of years ago in a place once called Sumer.  Without the Annunaki knowing, a few of us have returned in the NOW times, those of us who came in from the Universe… many then geneticists made the changes back then so humanity could evolve now.  It was a “coup d’état” hidden from the Annunaki until it came a fruition in the NOW.  SPY activity was hidden back then to cause the awakening NOW by coding the human genome with a miraculous flowering or opening up of the Heart Chakra.  Patience’s is everything when you want to win the Game of Chess.


Joelle of the Galactic Federation of Light, 11th Dimensional Being

“Ground Crew”

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