Nov 20

The Return of the Queen, or more simply, the Rise of the Feminine

I said awhile ago that I would write again about the return of the feminine energies. Well after saying that, I took a spirit guide bath and I connected, and I just kept being shown images of the Lord of the Rings, more specifically, The Return of the King. I have long been deeply impressed, in every sense of the word, by Aragorn and his character. His heart, which is more beautiful than most. I am in this bath, hearing “Return of the King” over and over, and so I said why are you telling me this when we are talking about these powerful feminine energies returning?

To give you some background, I am of course physically female in this lifetime (by design – it’s the return of the feminine!). But all of my life I have been very “male” in many ways. I played mostly with boys, and while I also played girls games (sometimes with them – made my male best friend at age 5 play Barbies!), I often disdained “wimpy girls.” It was a very odd line that I have walked in this life. Don’t get me wrong, I sort of enjoy being feminine, but I am a strong woman. I can do things myself. I am uncomfortable with many of the “chivalrous” things such as men opening doors for me or letting me walk first. I prefer to be an equal in all ways.

As a side note, over the period of time from when I awakened until now, I have been taking on more feminine energy. But there was a big problem…it was a very 3D based, weak feminine energy. In fact I knew I was going to the OTHER EXTREME, and I had pretty well lost most of my power. The only way I knew how to regain it in such a 3D world would have actually made me worse than I had started out, and in my younger years I was a real bitch. I was really just sort of powerless, and didn’t know how to reclaim things. At the time being a bitch got me what I needed, but it was not the right path as that meant I was not equal but dominant.

After the October gates I certainly feel different. I feel more confident, because what was missing has returned (the feminine). I do not have any desire to dominate in order to feel equal or protected. Even when I become angry, there is a distinct balance. There are times that I wonder if my 3D mind (brain) is telling me to be angry, when there is no real reason to be. The emotions and the logical mind are becoming balanced. That is the promise that was the HUMAN species. We have the ability for both intellect and emotion, and in balance, that’s a very powerful combination! But many other galactic species either do not have that genetic possibility, or have bred it out of dominance. Think back to the Romulans or even the Vulcans from Star Trek. They may have looked down upon Humans for their emotions, but in many ways we were superior to their species because of our capacity for emotion. Gene Roddenberry must have been a phenomenal channel even if he didn’t know it, because so many of his scenarios and characters are so spot on. They are examples for us to learn from. Emotions are hard to control, and they are wild cards. But suppressing them is only a perceived balance.

The powers that be have suppressed the Feminine’s return because with a balanced state of affairs, and less fear and control, a golden age of peace would follow. Without a need for greed, or for power, we could all lead relatively empowered, bountiful, and peaceful lives. What if that permeated into the universe? Think of the possibilities!

Let me restate that the return of the feminine means equality and by no means the “beat down” of the masculine. That is so important to understand. If equity and balance are not present, then we have the 3D version of things where one tries to dominate the other. The Feminist movement is a prime example. Men are bad is not the message or the answer. Still, you can see how women today may feel that way.

I was so pleased to see that the information and sentiments I am getting from my guidance are actually permeating the mass consciousness too. In Open Letter to Misogynist John Boehner, Kimberly Johnson says:

I’m writing to you because I am an American woman and I voted for Obama. I voted for equality—equality for all, not just women.

Not just women. That made my heart sing, and it made sense. Hooray for the emotions AND the intellect, for the Feminine and the Masculine, and for the HU species.


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