Nov 02

Seeing others’ capability to Love

See the infrastructure of Love in others
Show it to them
Teach them how they too are capable of Love
and BELIEVE in them

This is what I heard from my angels a few days back.

Today I and my family went to the cemetery to visit some deceased family members, and on the way we stopped over my sister’s congregation. Now the people there were spiritual, and were kindly and nice, and were easy to like. But in hindsight, I must say my efforts to see their capability to love were a bit lacking. So long story short, I get to try to remember to do better next time. =)

And I understand that I was being trained to see all people this way, and in terms of computer games, today’s attempt was at Level 1. I’m slowly going to be exposed to people who are harder and harder to love, and I’m going to see their capability to love, and show it to them by believing in them, and teach them to believe in themselves.

Something I did notice was that the way I treated those people in the congregation, I often treat myself similarly. Now, at the end of the day, looking back on the events of today, I realize that the way you love or don’t love yourself is the way you love or don’t love others. Other people are really just mirrors for us to see the way we treat ourselves.

And if you cannot love yourself, how can you love others?

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