Oct 30

Welcome New Earth

It has been a wonderful time, as I have suddenly found my needs met without me having to do anything but what I am told to do by my guides.

Also I have met my higher self in a way that I have not previously done. He is hovering behind my back all the time when I am not paying attention to him, and when I ask to commune with him and not merely function as his microphone into this world, I can “log in” to him, and the spark I see turns into a vortex that opens up, and I am able to access the world he belongs to. He is basically a previous lifetime of mine, and he knows what energies I have come here to fix and heal, what destructive habits I am to change, he knows my mission in this life and what plans have been made for me to follow.

So far, the plans have shifted, but the trajectory, the general direction has always been the same – Ascension.

He shows me a world that is very different from the one I know now in this 3D reality, for the 5D reality waiting for us, known to many of us as New Earth, is practically here – we just have to learn how to “log in” to it.

And I see a pristine landscape, animals, a brook, and bushes, everything full of life. I see settlements of people who have come here thousands of years ago at the fall of Atlantis, and people who have just arrived from our world, whether they visit in a dream state or stay to settle down.

But most exciting is the time when 12-12-12 dawns, and we one by one learn to shift ourselves into New Earth just like Jesus did during his Ascension. No more dying!

Of course you will have to raise your consciousness to do so, “do the work” we like to say. Emotional clearing, purification of the body, living a simple lifestyle, eating “close to the Earth”. Leaving behind the toxic emotions of the 3D world around us. CHOOSING A BETTER LIFESTYLE NOW.

And the more time you spend in this new world you build for yourself that which is in alignment with Earth’s Future, the more you attract to yourself the peace of New Earth.

How many of you have a personal relationship with Mother Earth? Do you grow plants, do you hike and visit Nature in her wild places? Try sitting on a large rock and staying quiet for a time, and open your senses. Hear the sounds of Mother Nature. Feel her harmony. You are part of this, like a leaf to a tree.

BREATHE IN HER HARMONY. Bring it home and live it in your day to day life. Commune with Mother Earth every time you have an opportunity. THANK her for your food. See her face every time you look at the sky. Once in a while, stop and smell the roses. Lie beneath the sky and commune with her. Acknowledge her. She is a living, breathing being. Breathe with her, as her clouds move across the sky. Ask if there is anything you can do for her. Let the ideas come, and thank her for responding. She might thank you for asking.


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