Oct 27


I’ve just spent the last few days downloading the Thrive movie (which is now free), and putting it onto a DVD format, and burning copies. I’m now waiting for my angels’ orders on what to do next.

Last night I was told to give one copy to my sister’s spiritual master. I also invited one long lost friend who contacted me on Facebook to watch the Thrive movie on Youtube and then discuss it with me.

I still don’t have the full picture, but I believe my angels are trying to get me to create a network of people who believe they can THRIVE, get them to put their brains and resources together, and make it work.

This is in light of the thoughts I’ve been having these past few days. I realized that I can’t ask people to believe in me, I can only show them the evidence and let them make conclusions for themselves. After all, who am I? I can ask them to believe in themselves and their ability to thrive. And I guess I can believe in them.

But most of all, I can believe in myself. I am after all, made in the image of the creator.

And I’m sure lots of people are thinking along the same lines. I just need to find them and work with them to create the world of our dreams.

The Thrive movie presents a few very promising concepts that I’ve been thinking of but really could not share with others because it is difficult for them to grasp. Everything has an auric field, and everything from an atom to a galaxy has an aura. In the Thrive movie, it is simply called a “torus,” because that is its shape. Auras, like electrical and magnetic fields, are shaped like toruses, and energy flows through it like a gentle waterfall, slowly recreating your body, or the atom’s body, or the galaxy’s body as it passes along. This aura contains the intelligence required to maintain your body – it created your body in the first place. And if we could help the aura, maintain it, repair it when necessary, give it a boost so to speak, it would do a lot to help our health, or the atom’s health, or the galaxy’s health.

The aura, quite literally, is its consciousness body. That is its mind. And the healthier your aura is, the more sound of mind you are, the happier you are, and the more beautiful you are.

This reminds me of the last time I had a break with one of my friends, and I felt terribly lonely. I checked my aura, and around the right of my head, there was this hole the size of a small tire, like the ozone hole. I imagined that hole closing, using my hands for effect, and when the hole had closed, I felt better, no longer so lonely.

If psychologists knew how to do this, we would have far, far fewer people on antidepressants! =)

Watch THRIVE now at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEV5AFFcZ-s


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