Oct 24

Know Thy Self

I’ve been thinking about self love. To love yourself, you must know yourself.

To know myself, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I liked, and after a while I realized I didn’t know what I liked. Eventually I realized it was difficult for me to know what I liked, because what I liked were abstract things – thought processes. I’m a programmer by profession, and it’s funny coz it seems that I’m also a programmer by soul purpose – a programmer of life, of my world, my consciousness.


Recently, the Ascended Master channelers whose work I like to read, have been writing mostly about similar things – one similar thing, actually. Love yourself, and in loving yourself, love and serve humanity. Let your soul purpose shine, do what you came here on Earth to do, and leave the rest to the angels.

If you hate your job, drop it.
If you hate your girlfriend or boyfriend, drop him or her.
Do what you love, because what you love is what you came here on Earth to do.

If money were not an issue, if the government supplied each and every need, what would you do with your life? WHAT DO YOU LOVE? Then go do that!

If you don’t know what you love, then we go back to the inquiry with which I asked earlier – To love yourself, you must know yourself. What do you like? Where do you spend most of your time? What do you do when you have nothing to do? What do you enjoy? When had you had your last really good belly laugh? When did you last feel most content?

Ask these questions and more, and get to know yourself. Then BE YOURSELF!

If you’re like most people, you might have to go to nature alone to clear your head and answer these questions honestly. Put on a pair of hiking boots and go hiking. The left-right-left-right action of walking often stimulates both sides of the brain equally to allow them to work together, allowing you to think better. Other ways to stimulate brain balance include typing, playing a musical instrument and other things you do with both hands.

There were several things that I thought I liked, but it turns out that I only made myself like them out of a sense of duty. Like helping poor people rise out of poverty. The problem with this, is that poverty rises from the mind, and unless you change the mind, you cannot solve poverty. Pouring money on the problem only feeds fuel to the fire. It turned out that what I needed to do was leave the poor people alone, giving alms when I am told to do so by my guides and angels, and minding my own business. =)

I also liked to plant, to teach and to do a lot of other things, but what these things did for me, was to teach me how living things worked, and how other people’s minds worked, both of which are important for my mission, and are like steps behind you on a staircase. Going back to them only sets you back. So which step is in front of me?

Ah, the most important question. WHAT IS MY NEXT STEP? I believe my next step is to know myself, to be able to answer the question “Who AM I?”

And this leads me to my next realization. Here, at the cusp of 12-12-12, humanity is a race beginning to know itself, and therefore love itself. Its parts are connected to each other in ways never before seen, intellectually and emotionally thanks to the internet and social networking. We have begun to take responsibility for our faults and our negative effects on the planet en masse. More and more people are taking steps to live in harmony with Nature and each other. The materialism of the past is fading away, the impermanence of material wealth apparent to every heart. All we really have is ourselves, and each other. Better start getting along with yourself, and your fellow man.

Because only by coming together and knowing ourselves as a planet can we love ourselves as a planet

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