Oct 18

Building Relationships

When meeting with somebody to build a relationship, like when going out on a date, love yourself first. Meaning, your primary responsibility is to maintain your own personal balance and not give too much. Don’t get too excited that you lose grounding in reality. Don’t expect too much that you stop thinking for yourself. Don’t have too much confidence in your friend that you sell yourself short. Keep your self respect and your dignity. Take baby steps in building this relationship.

I had a business trip yesterday to meet with a former school friend, a colleague, and I was so excited to meet and trade ideas that I forgot to bring my cellphone. I had to go back home to retrieve my cellphone, and that’s how I realized I was out of balance. It was worth it, since I learned a valuable lesson.

Business trip or date, a relationship is a relationship, and the dynamics are the same. When meeting strangers, be sure to carry protective gear like mace or a taser. Meet in populated areas, not in the middle of nowhere. If your new friend says he’s stranded in the middle of nowhere and you need to help him, bring a lot of backup. This might just save your life if things get hairy, especially if you’re a woman.

That said, building relationships can be one of the best things to happen in your life. Friends can be there for a season, a reason or a lifetime. But not everybody can be your friend. I learned this the hard way. I met this girl online several years ago. I am a healer, you see, and I kind of gave her some healing for some medical condition. Then we started talking and kind of got attached. I was naive, I was lonely, and she seemed friendly enough, but she asked for healing and refused to pay. Now healing can be a very exhausting job, requiring me to eat a lot every session. She refused to compensate me properly, and my angels decided the relationship was unhealthy.

So we had this last conversation where it seemed that whatever we said, the words were misinterpreted as angry and negative, and we never talked again.

This was my angels’ way of pulling me out of an imbalanced, unhealthy relationship.

So always give your angels to interfere with your life, every day, either in your morning prayers, your evening prayers, or both.


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