Oct 14

The purpose of Doomsday is Love

I’ve been thinking about something a friend told me recently. And it boiled down to something like this.

The purpose of Doomsday is Love. Farfetched? =)

If we follow the logic of my previous few posts, we see that Doomsday seems to be a mechanism for fate, evolution or whatever you call it, to bring people together and force them to learn to depend on each other for survival. It teaches them that the most important thing for them is not their car, not their house, not their money, entertainment system, etc. It’s their fellow man. It’s the people beside them, taking care of them, making sure they have enough to eat, a place to sleep. It’s the people who they can trust, with whom they can share their joys and fears, who will be their to watch their back when times get tough.

So if we consider that Earth is a Harvard for creator beings, and it’s graduation time, and the lesson is “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”, the perfect cramming session is doomsday. It’s the perfect way to learn to love when all you have left before the final exam are years and months.

And the people who already know how to love, those who do it day in and day out and have mastered it, they don’t need to cram. They can pass the test, and their angels know it. So no doomsday for them. All they have to do is make what small adjustments their angels tell them to do, and relax, wait, and be themselves. =)

Now being yourself does include work. It includes acting like yourself, and sharing yourself. If you put up an act to please other people, that’s not being yourself. If you don’t share time with the people you love, that’s not being yourself. If your loved ones indulge in habits you consider unhealthy, and you act like nothing’s wrong, you’re not being yourself either. Being yourself may be the most fun you have ever had in years. =)

And if that’s not Heaven on Earth, I don’t know what is.


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