Oct 13

The Survival Cooperative

Another way of going around the fall of the American Dollar is to create your own Survival Cooperative. This means that you come together with a few friends and neighbors, and agree to pool your resources together into a “Survival Bank.” The bank can hold food, flashlights and batteries, guns if you must, tools such as axes for harvesting logs for fuel, money to buy wind turbines and solar panels, and everything else your community needs to survive an economic … meltdown if you must call it that.

Again, I must insist that you put your fears aside or take the time to face it down and conquer it. Use the decrees I described 2 posts ago, and ask your angels for help. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, and this meltdown is the meltdown of the corrupt relationships, allowing the good and honest and loving relationships room for growth. This is like the dinosaurs going extinct to allow mammals room to evolve into intelligent creatures. =)

Now, the survival cooperative is basically that – people coming together to help each other go through a rough time. No one can go through this alone. This is what we in the 3rd world countries learn very early in life – you cannot survive on your own, unless you’re the child of a very rich person. You have to create connections and come together to work through tough times as a team. You need to know who you can trust, and rely on.

The first step in creating a survival cooperative is to come together, bring together people you love and trust, and give them a vision. You decide on a game plan, pool your resources together, and assign officers who will make sure the game plan is executed properly.

One possible game plan is this:
1. You turn your lawns and backyards into food gardens.
2. You connect with a few farmers and create an agreement that when times go bad, they help supply you with food, and you help them in whatever way you can. Everybody in your group goes to learn how to become useful on the farm, so you can become farm hands in exchange for food if it boils down to that.
3. You create a store of drinking water, and water purification systems. I recommend these stones called shungite, which you just place in the water, and after a few days, the water becomes good to drink.
4. You become self sufficient in terms of electricity by creating your own neighborhood supply, through solar panels, wind turbines and biodiesel generators, etc.
5. You create a community workshop, and if you don’t have an expert carpenter and a metal craftsman, some of you or your children go train to be one. You stock your workshop with adequate tools and supplies like welding equipment.
6. You create a community clinic where medical supplies can be stocked, and people can learn first aid.
7. You create a welcome center where other people can come in and learn about your survival cooperative and how they can become part of it.

After that, you’ll have to assign a chairman, treasurer and auditor, secretary, warehouseman, etc. Everybody will have to pitch in in terms of labor, ideas and resources, but their jobs will be to make sure that what needs doing gets done.

You hold regular meetings and keep everybody up to date on the state of the plan. Have everybody understand that ideas are valuable, and sharing is a must. No idea is too stupid to share. Nobody is too stupid to share ideas. Have a community billboard where people can post ideas anonymously if shyness is a problem.

You discuss priorities, strategies, and potential recruits and connections.


And you make sure that your children are involved and know about what you’re doing, so you can rely on them for help.

If you don’t normally have a close sense of community with your neighbors and friends, you should do so by now, after taking these steps.

As always, consult your angels on every decision. Ask for their help, because they cannot help unless you do. If you don’t know how to listen to your angels, go to a quiet place with a lot of nature, calm yourself and FEEL. Angels speak in terms of emotions and intuition.

Women have very good intuition. Make sure you let your women feel that they have a voice, and listen to them when they say “Something’s wrong” or “I don’t like that person.”

Also, having long hair is helpful for boosting intuition. There’s this story about the US army recruiting american indians for their ESP, and the american indians lost their intuition after getting the army hair cut.

Finally, celebrate each achievement, and give credit where it is due. Celebrations do not need to be costly, nor do they need to be alcoholic. =) They just need to be happy, and cheerful. Focus on the contribution each achievement offers the community, the benefit this gives to everyone. Take the time to mention how close you have become to economic independence, what still needs to be done, and how each member can contribute to achieving those goals. Instill the sense that every member is valuable, that no individual is useless. I repeat, EMPOWER EACH OTHER.

If you can achieve economic independence, the fall of the dollar should no longer be a threat to you. Your community will then be safe from all this doomsday nonsense. And you might be having the best time of your life, enjoying the company of friends you didn’t know you could have if not for “doomsday.”



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