Oct 08

Forgiving Atlantis

When we mention Doomsday, very few people will not have a reaction of either fear or denial. But When have we actually experienced a doomsday? NOT IN OUR LIFETIME. Not even in history. The last true doomsday that happened was during the fall of Atlantis, 12,500 years ago. And the planet remembers, and we are part of the planet. Many people alive on Earth now were incarnated on Atlantis when it sank beneath the waves. And so when we mention Doomsday, it is not a realistic doomsday scenario that we fear, but the memories of the fall of Atlantis.

And therefore, to be able to get rid of the fear and see clearly exactly what is ahead of us, we must forgive and release our experience of the fall of Atlantis.

Now don’t get me wrong. Atlantis existed for thousands of years, and was the highest state of enlightenment the planet has ever experienced, according to Archangel Metatron (as channeled by James Tyberron of Earth-Keeper.org). Only the fall of Atlantis was traumatic, when the souls we now know as Hitler and Himmler appeared, acquired crystal technology, and using it as a weapon against the other city-states of Atlantis.

All these fears of asteroids and comets crashing into the Earth are remnants of when the Crystal Moon of Atlantis overloaded, its antigravity faltered, and it crashed into the Earth, causing power stations to explode with the power of nuclear bombs, and destroying the rock layers under Atlantis, causing it to sink. The crystal moon was meant to be a benevolent means of energy distribution, but it was turned into a death-ray, which eventually caused it to fail and fall to the Earth.

If you can feel fear and other hidden emotions rising, as if your cells know what I’m talking about, that’s because they do. The fall of Atlantis was a very powerful lesson, and it should be treated as such – learned from and then let go. There are other beautiful lessons to be learned in life. You cannot do that if you’re frozen in time.

And frozen in time we have. The American Civil War between sides who were for and against slavery, this happened in Atlantis. Slavery itself was a karmic lesson inherited from Atlantis. Back then, people created genetically modified humans, some of them half-human half-animal freaks, what we now know as harpies, mermaids, centaurs and all that.

Even the cold war was a karmic lesson that was inherited from Atlantis. We are indeed a civilization stuck in time.

Again, if you feel hidden emotions coming up, learn from them, forgive them, and release them. There’s no need for blame. All of humanity benefited from the lesson.

One of the best and easiest techniques I know for forgiving, is to use what are called “Violet Flame Decrees.” They were originally taught by Mark and Elisabeth Claire Prophet, and are very similar to the Neuro-Liinguistic Programming I talked about in my first few posts (click here) but have an extra element.

Decrees are poetic, designed to be easy to repeat and evoke powerful emotions. This is because thoughts, emotions and actions together are powerfully creative. Individually, thoughts, emotions and actions each are creative in their own right. Put together, they are very powerful in bringing what you desire to fruition. Decrees are designed to be spoken aloud and with great feeling and conviction, and are best done in groups. Decreeing in groups multiplies the power exponentially – 3 people decreeing together create 9 times as much power. 10 people decreeing together create 100 times as much power. They are also designed to be given repetitively, with each repetition also increasing the power exponentially. Repeating a decree 3 times creates 9 times as much power, and so on. Therefore, 3 people decreeing together, repeating the decree 3 times, create 81 times as much power as one person decreeing once.

Finally, and here’s the secret ingredient: When you decree, you borrow the Ascended Masters’ momentum, their energy, for use with your creative intent. And their momentum can be very powerful indeed. And they love to help us, they love us so much. Except that because we have free will, they cannot interfere with our lives without us asking for help. Decrees are an agreement saying “We decide to create something, and we call upon the power of the Ascended Masters to assist us.”

There are many decrees available on the internet, just do a search on Violet Flame Decrees.

There is a second, more powerful technique, using crystals, essential oil, and Dead Sea Salt. It’s called the SOL Bath. It’s like having your own liquid Violet Flame solution and taking a bath in it. It’s the best thing you can do for your immune system. It pulls out toxins through your skin, and nourishes you with trace minerals from the Dead Sea. It also raises your vibration, allowing you to hear your Spirit Guides and angels much more clearly.

To take a SOL Bath, you need:
1 Amethyst Geode, preferably Brazilian, approx 2×3 inches in size
1 Citrine Geode, with small teeth, approx 2×3 inches in size
2 cups Dead Sea Salt
20 drops Pure Lavander Essential Oil
1 bath tub
1 white washcloth
3 white candles

Set the water to lukewarm. Wet both crystals under the faucet, one at a time. Drop 10 drops of lavender oil on each, and wait 60 seconds. Place both crystals in the bath tub, with the amethyst directly beneath the faucet. Fill the bathtub with enough water to submerge your body. Add the 2 cups of dead sea salt. Light the 3 candles and ask for the angels and Ascended Masters to assist you in cleansing your body and raising your vibration. Step into the bathtub, take the washcloth and wrap the amethyst in it. Rub the amethyst all over your skin. If it’s prickly and painful, use less pressure. Be gentle on yourself. This is to be a relaxing bath. After the amethyst, take the citrine, wrap it in the washcloth and do the same. The citrine doesn’t need to have large teeth, so to make it more comfortable, a citrine geode with small teeth is recommended. After the rubdown, lay down in the water and stay there for 20 minutes.

If you can hear your Spirit Guides somewhat, let them guide you in your purchase of crystals and other supplies, as well as during your bath.

This technique is so powerful, that the first time I was asked to do this, I was told to stop using the Violet Flame Decrees because I was trying to achieve the results of the SOL Bath using only the decrees. My reasons were that I didn’t have any money to buy all those supplies. Guess what? My guides helped me get the money necessary – I found an old friend looking for a person to do a project for her, and was willing to pay big money for it.

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