Oct 07

It’s the end of the world, and the beginning of Heaven on Earth

Hello again, Mike Larry here.

Masters create everything they produce, or trade for it if they can’t. They are self sufficient. But for those of us who do not consider ourselves masters, working together with others is a way up the ladder.

I used to play this computer game where I play an ancient egyptian governor and build a city from nothing but immigrants with their survival supplies, and a dream. First I define where they can build their homes, and have them build roads. I assign officers among them to keep the peace and follow fire regulation rules. I set up a water distribution service, a temple service, basic health services, farming and food management services. And voila, we have a fully functional basic settlement in an oasis, in the middle of the desert.

As more immigrants come, I slowly scale up operations of all the services at the same time, to maintain balance. Soon, we are producing more food than we can consume, and we start to sell the food in exchange for cloth and pottery, and other needs. All the services become fully staffed. I now have people who in the modern world, we would call unemployed. I can now employ them as story tellers, musicians and puppet masters. As time goes on, these people become better at their art, and I organize a theatre.

Later, people yearn for more things. They want wine and jewelry, and better medical services. Our lifestyle becomes more and more comfortable. What we can create by ourselves, we create, by the grace of the creator and Mother Nature. What we cannot, we trade for. Nature provides for everything we need. All we need to do is master our environment, and the best way to do that is to come together, work together, and care for each other.

In today’s age of the internet, surely we can do as much. None of this business of “You don’t have money? You can’t eat.” This is modern foolishness. Why be greedy when Mother Nature is so generous?

Maybe you will call me naive. I have dreamt of creating a moneyless society since I was a teenager. Why not? The Jews have done it with their Kibbutz system. They work together, in a communism that works. No power struggles. They care for each other. Everybody in the community partly owns the cattle farm and milk factory, the flour mill, and everything else. They are practically family in that small community.

Many people today ask, “The economy is in shambles. What will we do when the sh*t hits the fan?” Why, fall back on Mother Nature of course. We have neglected her and forgotten her for so long we forget that She gave birth to us in the first place!

But here’s the challenge – we must use what creative ability God has given us to create our needs for ourselves. As I said in earlier posts, WE ARE CREATORS. The creator does not give life to dummies. The apple does not give life to oranges. (Not that oranges are dummies, but you get the picture.)

I’m sorry but I’ve been speaking all this time about creation and consciousness, but I forgot that every school needs tests in order to teach their lessons well. Guess what? What better proof that we’ve learnt how to create properly, as children of the creator would, other than turning a potential hell into heaven??? LOL!

THE LAST LESSON IS ABOUT COMING TOGETHER, AND CARING FOR EACH OTHER. “I am my brother’s keeper.” Guess what? Here’s the final exam. Want to graduate? THEN LET’S CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH!

I tell my brother (my real brother) that Life is about learning how to love. Boil every single religion on the planet down to its essences, and it’s about Love. LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, ALL YOUR SOUL, ALL YOUR MIND, ALL YOUR STRENGTH. AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF. There is nothing else!!!

All this talk of doomsday is nothing! It is nothing but an opportunity to start creating the world the way it was meant to be created – in LOVE.

The economy will fall apart? THEN CREATE YOUR OWN! But built it out of love, or it will not last very long.

My next blog entry will be about exactly how to recreate civilization in case it does fall. But it comes down to this – one idea at a time, and one relationship at a time.





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