Oct 05

Atlantis Rising

Mike Larry here. Let me talk a little bit about Quantum Physics.

Quantum Physics is almost like Metaphysics. Let me count the ways.

Quantum Physics says the Universe is made of information. Metaphysics says the world is an illusion.

Quantum Physics says there is a Unified Field from which the world is projected like a hologram.

Metaphysics says All is One, and from this Oneness comes forth all creation.

Quantum Physics says all matter is condensed energy. Metaphysics says love is all there is.

Quantum Physics says that there are 12 dimensions. Metaphysics says that there are 7 chakras and 5 hidden chakras, each of which operate on a different plane of existence.

Guess what? Science and Spirituality are coming together, just as Archangel Metatron said (as channeled by James Tyberron, Earth-Keeper.com). And when that time comes, it will trigger an explosion of progress unheard of in all our history.

Guess what? That time is now! We’re just waiting for the rest of Humanity to catch up!

Just as Jason Russel said in one of his YouTube interviews, it is a time when children know more about the world than adults.

I consider myself a computer expert, but even I have difficulty wrapping my head around the possibilities presented by the iPhones and iPads and Augmented Reality. But teenagers and even children take to them like they were born with the knowhow. Nobody had to teach them how to operate these things, they just know.

When I was a teenager, I just “knew” the possibilities that computers can do for us humans, like being connected to people all over the world (Social Networking), possibilities that adults of my time had difficulty wrapping their head around. And it seems to me that for the next hundred generations, this will be the trend. Almost like we’re building Heaven one generation at a time.

Let’s face it, our parents’ world was way more difficult than ours, and their parents’ world was way more difficult than theirs. This has been happening for a long time now. Call it social evolution, call it progress, call it anything you want – Heaven is being built one generation at a time.

And after 300 years, Atlantis will rise again! Crystal technology will be the norm. There will be world peace. People will only have to work 2 hours a day. I wonder what the children will be dreaming up then.





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